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JULY 2006


Note change of date and venue

Saturday, 8 July 2006 from 2pm to 4pm
at Exotic Plant Company, Wellington.
(Mike Tibbs’s Orchid Nursery)

This will be a combined meeting with the Tygerberg Orchid Group, where Members will have the opportunity to visit Mike’s Nursery, buy plants and enjoy each other’s company. Soup and bread will be served, so please bring a mug and spoon.
Please contact Susan Olfsen or Mike Tibbs for directions.

We extend our sincere condolences to Carmen Coll on the death of her husband, Ivan. Those who knew him, will have a wealth of memories especially of his commitment to his career as a lecturer to medical students and his passion for running. He was a great storyteller who never disappointed any gathering with his wit and talent.
Special wishes to those celebrating birthdays in July…Lindell Pease (10) and Carol Hofmann (27).
To Sarie le Roux – we hope you are feeling better now that your treatment sessions are over and to Vic Baber – a speedy and full recovery after your recent hernia operation.
Please notify Susan Olfsen if you have a change of address…residential or email.
Remember that all members and their visitors are very welcome at our meetings…the more the merrier as they saying goes!

Although the trophies still need to be engraved, they were awarded to the winners at our meeting whilst the Show was still fresh in everyone’s minds.
Mike Tibbs gave us an overview of the progress of the plans for the 2007 COS 50th birthday Conference and Show and he handed out invitation leaflets for the Show.
The dates are 12 to 16 September 2007. Mike and his team have made incredible progress in obtaining various sponsorships, that will really help towards a wonderful and varied show and conference. Please make every effort to offer your help in your areas of expertise…the options are enormous and include duties at the show (building stands, moving plants, door duties, corsage, sales etc), registration, transport, accommodation, security…to name just a few.
Thank you to Walter Kurth and Mike Tibbs who donated additional raffle plants and congratulations to our winners Marion Went, Percy Olfsen and Arpad Szollosi.

The July judging meeting will be as follows, but please confirm with the host before hand:

Date and time 15 July 2006 at 2.30pm
Venue 44 Rushmere, 63 Doordrift Road, Constantia.
Host Mike Byren Telephone no. 794 6439
Topic Bes Gous - Species identification exam.

Contact Sheila Smith at 558 5820 if you have a plant for award judging. The judges need 48 hours notice for judging, but all details can be obtained from Sheila.

The Show was a resounding success and congratulations are due to our trophy and ribbon winners.
Trophy Winners – June 2006 Cloete Cellar, Groot Constantia
-Champion & Best Cattleya - Laeliocattleya Puppy Love ‘True Beauty’ – Volkmar Schmidt
-Reserve Champion, Best Odontoglossum & Intergeneric – Wilsonara Bobcat – Jonathan Dennis
-Best Paphiopedilum & Maudiae Paph. – Paphiopedilum William Ward – Jonathan Dennis
-Best Dendrobium – Dendrobium Lady Pink – Sarie le Roux
-Best Phalaenopsis & Coloured Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis Sogo Champion – Mike Tibbs
-Best Phalaenopsis seedling – Phalaenopsis Chih Shangs x Coral Lace-Chih – Sarie le Roux
-Best Cymbidium – Cymbidium Waterfront – Coenie Basson
-Best Green Cymbidium – Cymbidium Greenways – Coenie Basson
-Best Species – Coelogyne rochussenii – Mike Tibbs
-Best Miniature Orchid – Leptotes unicolor – Volkmar Schmidt
-Best Seedling (any genus) – Paphiopedilum (concolor x leucochilum) x Conco-delenatii - Mike Tibbs
-Most Spectacular Orchid on Show – Laelia anceps – Mike & Sylvia Byren
-Most Fragrant Orchid – Zygopetalum Advance Australia ‘Cute’ x Helen Ku ‘Black as Black’ – Volkmar Schmidt
-Most Points gained in all species classes – Volkmar Schmidt.

The COS website is now live and will feature ALL the relevant information pertaining to our Society. The monthly newsletter will appear on the website as well as regularly updated photographs of selected plants from the monthly Plant Table and from our Shows.
Email copies of the newsletter will be sent out, as usual, for the next 3 months and thereafter, based on Members’ comments, may be phased out.

Visit for all the information you need on the Society and its activities.

White River from 4 to 10 September 2006.
The COS will be taking your plants and cut flowers to enter at the Show and to use in the Cape Orchid Society display so please take special care of them between now and then.
Please contact Hendrik van der Hoven (ph. 790 2433) by the end of July if you may be able to supply plants or cut flowers for the Show…he needs to have an idea of what will be available to build the display.
If you wish to register for the Conference and Show or require any details, please contact
Mrs Nitsi Louw on 084 4147710 or Mrs J Grobler 083 395 0245 or fax them on 013 755 4804.

Our thanks to Ellie van der Hoven, Bes Gous and Mike Tibbs for their comments.
Mike Tibbs’s Phalaenopsis Sogo Champion had 5 flat, deep purple flowers with stunning form, substance and texture. His Paphiopedilum vietnamense x emersonii was a first flowering seedling. It had a white flower, about 8 cm across, with spots on the inside of the pouch and a bright green staminode. The flower stem was quite short (about 8cm).
Johnnie Kloppers’s Paphiopedilum Van Ness was a big, well-grown complex hybrid with a frilly edge to the petals. His Wilsonara had 5 flat flowers with a good broad lip. Wendy & Eberhard Gersie’s Sophrolaeliocattleya Seagull’s Delight ‘Bright Song’ (Slc. California Apricot x Yellow Doll) was a nice miniature orange flower with a lovely yellow lip…a seedling obtained from Frank Fordyce.
Volkmar Schmidt’s Bulbophyllum medusae was a small plant had 2 flowers on a well grown plant.
Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven’s Neolauchia pulchella had small purple flowers with a typical Cattleya/Laelia shape. The genus is closely related to Isabelia.

PLANT TABLE  - June 2005
Use this monthly list as a reference to the flowering season of specific orchids and also to contact the grower if you have the same or similar plant that is maybe not doing so well for you.

Vic Baber

Phalaenopsis Dalmatian

Laeliocattleya Moochie (Bonanza x C. Esbetts)

Eberhard & Wendy Gersie

Sophrolaeliocattleya Seagull’s Delight ‘Bright Song’

Frans & Bes Gous

Rossioglossum grande

Pleurothallis pectinata

Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester

Johnnie Kloppers

Paphiopedilum Leeanum

Paphiopedilum Golden Desire

Paphiopedilum Eccrene ‘Tersia’

Paphiopedilum Millborough

Paphiopedilum Van Ness

Wilsonara Susie ‘Scarlet Passion’

Reinder Nauta

Cymbidium (Strathdon?)

Volkmar Schmidt

Bulbophyllum medusae

Rossioglossum grande

Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’

Oncidium Twinkle ‘Fragrant Fantasy’

Laeliocattleya Lisa Irene ‘Melinda’ x Susan Holguin

Arpad Szollosi

Cym. (Red Beauty cross?)

Mike Tibbs

Phalaenopsis Sogo Champion

Paphiopedilum vietnamense x emersonii

Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven

Neolauchia pulchella

Plant of the Evening
1st  Phalaenopsis Sogo Champion from Mike Tibbs
2nd Paphiopedilum Van Ness from Johnnie Kloppers
3rd Sophrolaeliocattleya Seagull’s Delight ‘Bright Song’ from Eberhard & Wendy Gersie

Most Difficult to Grow
Bulbophyllum medusae from Volkmar Schmidt and Neolauchia pulchella from Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven

Member's Choice
Oncidium Twinkle ‘Fragrant Fantasy’ from Volkmar Schmidt, chosen by Catherine Newman

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