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January 2002

NEXT MEETING  TUESDAY  22 January 2002

starting at 19h45 at Athenaeum,  Newlands





Disas – the latest information By Mike Tibbs

Mike Tibbs has “been involved with Disas” for many years and will be joining us to share the latest cultural and hybridising information.

It is peak flowering time for Disa uniflora so hopefully we will have some flowering plants at the meeting as well as the superb illustrations that I am sure Mike will have to supplement his talk.


There will be the usual Plant Table, so please remember to bring your plants.


There will also be the facility to sell plants at the Sales Table.



It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of three of our Members since the last Newsletter. Sybella Schelpe died in November after becoming increasingly physically frail but always remaining mentally vibrant and participative in her love for her garden and plants. Mooly Geben died in December after a brave struggle with cancer. We were fortunate to still have him join us at the November meeting. Dennis Walter, although not active as a grower or Member over recent years died in late December. His plants were always well grown and often available to Members at the sales table at shows. We extend our condolences to all the family and friends of these three who contributed so much to orchid growing.

Birthday greetings for January go to Jean Dryden (14) and Meg Hannay (27).

Enjoy your special day.



The prize-giving and bumper raffle ended the year on a high and was enjoyed

by all. We raised R545 for the Ted Schelpe Colour Fund. Many thanks to

everyone who so generously donated items for the raffle and bought tickets to

stand in line for a prize. And stand in line you did! I’m not sure that I have ever

seen that long a queue for raffle tickets.

We all enjoyed a wonderful spread of savoury and sweet goodies for which

we thank the Members.    



If your subscriptions are still outstanding, please make every effort to pay as

soon as possible.



Sarie le Roux’s Paphiopedilum micranthum ‘Barana’ and Paphiopedilum

Susan Bruce ‘Barana’  were both granted Award of Merits in late December.

Congratulations and may there be many more in 2002.

If you have a plant that you wish to have judged, please contact Louis

Vogelpoel ( ph.021 686 8098) to make the necessary arrangements.



There are plans to visit Mike Tibbs’ nursery near Hermanus on Saturday 9

February. Confirmation of this date, along with other details will be available

at the January meeting. Please keep in touch with Sylvia if you are interested

in going or make sure you are at the January meeting.



This is an urgent request for articles to be included in the next Yearbook. It is

only as good as the contributions received from our Members. Please

consider sharing your experiences and knowledge. I can be contacted by

tel/fax. 021 712 8721 or by email at <> Articles should

preferably be in Microsoft Word and colour illustrations are always welcome.

If you are attending the World Orchid Conference and Show in Malaysia,

please pass on your comments and impressions when you return as I wish to

report back on the event at the first possible opportunity. Please consider

taking photographs that may be of interest to our Members and let me have

them as well for publication.



Meg Hannay has various lengths of new and nearly new shade-cloth for sale

at very reasonable prices. If you are interested phone her at 021 712 7888 or

speak to her at the next meeting.



There was an abundance of plants with fragrant blooms this evening. If you

look for this in plants to add to your collection, consider all of those brought by

Selma Ferreira as well as Maxillaria tenuifolia (Meg Hannay), Brassocattleya

Angel Lace (Vincent McKinnon) and Mystacidium capensis (Eric Harley).

Sarie le Roux’s Aerangis spiculata was a real treat of about 13 cascading

‘angels’ on a pendulous spike.

If you have Oncidium kramerianum, remember not to cut the old spike as it

continues to grow and flower again.

Frans and Bes Gous’ Mystacidium flanigani was of botanical interest and they

were complimented on this well-flowered specimen. It is apparently not easy

to keep in cultivation for any length of time. Their Masdevallia Limax ‘Darling’

had an apricot orange flower with great potential.

Greig Russell’s Cymbidium Alcor is also known as Cymbidium Kintoki. It is

Cymbidium aloifolium x canaliculatum. This cross was made with the

“ordinary green Cymbidium canaliculatum” and shows a great improvement

on its parent Cymbidium aloifolium especially regarding its growth habit and

arrangement of flowers. Greig says that he has a clone made with the very

darker flowered parent Cymbidium canaliculatum ‘Sparkesii’ which is not a

very good grower. The red pigments are very draining on plants and usually

lead to poor growers.

Volkmar Schmidt’s Isochilus linearis had not been seen before at the COS. It

had beautiful bunches of purple flowers with fynbos-like foliage. His Disperis

lindleyana was a well-grown species, which is also not the easiest to grow in

cultivation. Volkmar warned that one should be careful not to over water

Laelia milleri.


PLANT TABLE - November  2001


Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Selma Ferreira

Encyclia cordigera ‘Elmhurst’ x ‘Dark Vai’ HCC/AOS

Polystachya Bella

Diacattleya Chantilly Lace

Epilaelia Little Nuggets ‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS


Frans & Bes Gous

Mystacidium flanagani

Laelia sanguiloba

Masdevallia infracta var. longipipes

Angraecum compactum

Miltonia Play Girl ‘Cha-Cha’

Masdevallia Limax ‘Darling’

Oncidium Haiku Sunset

Ascocenda Eileen Beauty

Odontonia Susan Bogdanow


Meg Hannay

Maxillaria tenuifolia

Dendrobium victoria reginae

Paphiopedilum St Swithin


Eric Harley

Mystacidium capensis

Disa Tricard

Disa Yolande


Anton Hofman

Brassia Chieftan


Sarie le Roux

Aerangis spiculata

Paphiopedilum tigrinum  ‘Barana’

Paphiopedilum venustum x Mystic Jewel

Sophrocattleya Beaufort ‘South River’

Vascostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink Glow’


Vincent McKinnon

Oncidium kramerianum

Laelia lobata alba

Brassocattleya Angel Lace


Bill Phillips

Paphiopedilum Druid Spring


Greig Russell

Cymbidium Algor


Volkmar Schmidt

Isochilus linearis

Disperis lindleyana

Cytorchis arcuata

Laelia milleri

Encyclia citrina

Dendrobium strebloceras

Oncidium Gower Remsey

Oncidium Golden Sunset (2x)

Paphiopedilum St Swithin


Manfred Waltner

Polystachya sandersonii

Cymbidiella pardalina

Anguloa ruckeri

Phragmipedium caudatum



Plants of the Evening

1st  Aerangis spiculata

2nd  Paphiopedilum tigrinum ‘Barana’

3rd  Vascostylis Pink Rivers ‘Pink Glow’

.... All these plants were from Sarie Le Roux!


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