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JUNE 2006

Tuesday 27 June 2006 at 19h45
                Athenaeum, Newlands


A window on Conservation of African Orchids

By Mike Tibbs

Mike Tibbs will be giving us the details of the Show and Conference planned for 2007 when The Cape Orchid Society celebrates its 50th anniversary. The dates to remember are 12 to 16 September 2007 and the place to be will be the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.
There are lots of exciting things planned so do not miss this meeting.

We will also have a report back on the Show at the Cloete Cellar, Groot Constantia and have an opportunity to congratulate all the winners.

There will be the usual Plant Table, Plant Sales Table and Raffle so come prepared. Please speak to Jonathan Dennis if you have any queries (tel. 021 952 4570) about the plant sales.

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Important information
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This is advance notice that our July meeting will be on
Saturday, 8 July 2006 from 2pm to 4pm
at Exotic Plant Company, Wellington
(Mike Tibbs’ Orchid Nursery)
This will be a combined meeting with the Tygerberg Orchid Group, where Members will have the opportunity to visit Mike’s Nursery, buy plants and enjoy each other’s company. Soup and bread will be served, so please bring a mug and spoon. If you would like to travel together with others, please be at the June meeting to facilitate arrangements or make your own arrangements amongst your friends.

For those who have not yet heard, it is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Manfred Waltner died on 22 May. Manfred had an incredible knowledge of indigenous plants as well as of orchid species and was always willing to share this with all who were interested. He was a COS Member for many years who regularly brought his plants to the meetings as well as the Shows. If you had any dealings with Manfred, you will remember him as a straight and honest friend who we will miss dearly. We extend our sincere condolences to his family.

Bing Letcher from the Witwatersrand Orchid Society also died at the end of May. Members of longer-standing will remember Bing and his wife Ellen and their regular participation in their Society and the National shows and conferences. We also extend our condolences to Ellen and her family.

Sadly, Ivan Coll passed away on 21st June and our prayers are with Carmen at this sad time.

A very Happy Birthday to our June "babies" Joan Hart(19), Bes Gous (21) and Susan Olfsen (22).

Please notify Susan Olfsen if you have a change of address - residential or email.

Charmaine Klein, Curator of the Cape Flats Nature Reserve which is on the campus of the University of the Western Cape gave us a very interesting and stimulating talk on the activities of the Nature Reserve. She is obviously experienced and passionate about her job and we left knowing that there is hope for the conservation of our Cape Flats flora and fauna - including the orchids. There is the distinct possibility that we could, as a Society, be involved with some of their projects and species identification. We thank her for the time and effort that she gave to her well-researched presentation and look forward to an ongoing relationship.
Thank you to Volkmar Schmidt and Mike Tibbs who donated additional raffle plants and congratulations to our winners Margaret James, Vic Baber, Clif Eva and Nova.

The July judging meeting will be as follows, but please confirm with the host before hand:

Date and time 15 July 2006 at 2.30pm
Venue 44 Rushmere, 63 Doordrift Road, Constantia.
Host Mike Byren Telephone no. 794 6439
Topic Bes Gous - Species identification exam.

Contact Sheila Smith at 558 5820 if you have a plant for award judging. The judges need 48 hours notice for judging, but all details can be obtained from Sheila.

This seems to have been a great success! All the details will be presented at our meeting but in the mean time congratulations to all our winners and a very big thank you to EVERYONE who helped in any way. The details of the trophy winners are on the website with photographs of the plants, thanks to Mike Tibbs.

The COS website is now live and will feature ALL the relevant information pertaining to our Society. The monthly newsletter will appear on the website as well as regularly updated photographs of selected plants from the monthly Plant Table and from our Shows.
Email copies of the newsletter will be sent out, as usual, for the next 3 months and thereafter, based on Members’ comments, may be phased out.
Visit for all the information you need on the Society and its activities.

White River from 4 to 10 September 2006.
The COS will be taking your plants and cut flowers to enter at the Show and to use in the Cape Orchid Society display so please take special care of them between now and then.

Our thanks to Mike Tibbs and Greig Russell for their comments.
Ann Gray’s Dendrobium (compactum x Snow Fire) x (Candy Compactum x compactum) had been open for 6 weeks and still looked good. It was a lovely compact plant.
Vic Baber was justifiably proud of his first flowering Cymbidium White Rabbit which had 4 spikes. Because of Cym. mastersii in the background, it flowers more than once from the bulbs and so this plant will be in flower for 12-15 weeks with its 1 spike already open and 3 more to come.
Eric Harley’s Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’ was a very flat flower which gave the impression of layers of colours - a wonderful jewel to have. It was the COS plant that he won on the raffle last month! It promises to be award-worthy once the plant is more mature.
Jacques Jefthas’s Brassolaeliocattleya Goldenzelle ‘Tokyo’ HCC/AOC x Erin Kobayashi ‘Laina Gold’ AM/AOS was a lovely, well-shaped green flower. The 2 flowers were rather bunched and he was advised to next year gently pull down the bracts as the buds emerge to spread the flowers a little more.
Calanthe vestita is a deciduous orchid which will benefit from a feed of dry cow manure. This plant from Johnnie Kloppers has bottle-shaped bulbs but he has others with the same shape and colour flowers with the normal shaped bulbs. Johnnie also had a Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Wax seedling flowering for the first time . This was a plant from seed sown by Stan Wedge. It is a bifoliate, Cattleya aurantiaca cross which should have more flowers on a more mature plant. Paphiopedilum Ecrenne was a surviving seedling from a flask bought at Vacherot et Lecoufle in Paris in 1968!
Greig Russell’s Cymbidium pumilum x dayanum had small flowers on a pendulous spike and has the bonus of flowering again in a few months time. He also brought Tolumnia (Passionata Red x Susan Pereira) x (Port Castle x Susan Pereira). This variegata (equitant) Oncidium is now placed in the genus Tolumnia.
Volkmar Schmidt’s Isabelia virginalis was a miniature plant with a hessian-like network over the pseudo-bulbs. A very well grown plant. Volkmar’s Oncidium praetextum is a warm grower mounted on bark.

PLANT TABLE  - May 2005
Use this monthly list as a reference to the flowering season of specific orchids and also to contact the grower if you have the same or similar plant that is maybe not doing so well for you.

Vic Baber

Cymbidium White Rabbit

Johan Bruwer

Cattleya Netrasiri ‘Waxy’ x Kani ‘Starbright’

Brassocattleya Pastoral ‘Pink Pearl’

Brassolaeliocattleya Love Sound ‘ Sayuri Iguchi’ X Potinara Free Spirit ‘Lea’

Laeliocattleya Mini Purple ‘Tamami’ AM/AOS

Oncidium Boissense ‘Sonia’

Ann Gray

Dendrobium (compactum x Snow Fire) X (Candy Compactum x compactum)

Eric Harley

Disa sagitalis

Cishweinfia species

Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’

Jacques Jefthas

Oncidium ornithoryncum

Blc Goldenzelle ‘Tokyo’ HCC/AOC X Erin Kobayashi ‘Lahaina Gold’ AM/AOS

Johnnie Kloppers

Calanthe vestita var. rubra-oculata

Zygopetalum mackayi

Phalaenopsis Maki Watanabe

Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Wax

Masdevallia Copper Angel ‘Orange Sunset’

Paphiopedilum Ecrenne

Paphiopedilum Sylvara ‘Tracey’

Reinder Nauta

Cymbidium (unknown)

Greig Russell

Cymbidium pumilum x dayanum

Tolumnia (Passionata Red x Susan Pereira) X (Port Castle x Susan Pereira)

Volkmar Schmidt

Bulbophyllum potidem

Angraecopsis amaniensis

Isabelia virginalis

Onc. praetextum

Zygo. Artur Elle ‘Artur Elle’

Cattleya Cherry Chip ‘Blumen Insel’ AM/AOS x Sophrocattleya Beaufort ‘Big Circle’ 4n

Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter ‘Morning Joy’

Plant of the Evening
1st  Isabelia virginalis from Volkmar Schmidt
2nd Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’ from Eric Harley
3rd Dendrobium (compactum x Snow Fire) x (Candy Compactum x compactum) from Ann Gray.

Most Difficult to Grow & Member's Choice
Oncidium praetextum from Volkmar Schmidt and chosen by Walter Kurth

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