JULY 2002

TUESDAY 23 JULY 2002 starting promptly at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands, Cape Town


Mauritius – a training programme and orchids in the wild
by Hildegard Crous

Hildegard Crous recently ran a tissue culture workshop and training programme in Mauritius. While there she had the opportunity to see orchids in their natural habitat and learn first hand of the natural growing conditions. She will be sharing her experiences with us.

Remember the raffle and the facility to sell plants at the Sales Table.

A very happy birthday to Sysser Waspe (14), Laurie Fitzmaurice (24) and Carol Potgieter (27).Congratulations to Martin (and Helen) from Pretext, the man responsible for the setting and printing of our newsletter. He has recently become the proud first-time Dad of baby Kirsten. Enjoy this precious gift.

There were not as many Members at the meeting as we would have hoped for. Those who missed it are the poorer for some very useful repotting and deflasking techniques and advice on Paphiopedilums from Mike Byren and Ellie and Hendrik van der Hoven. Ellie and Hendrik certainly showed some conveyor belt efficiency in deflasking and potting on the young seedlings. I think many of us were astounded at how resilient the young plants are and appreciated all the common sense tips passed on. Mike’s wealth and years of experience were much appreciated by everyone.
Frans Gous and Volkmar Schmidt, in the other corner, had some very innovative ideas for mounting plants…both the support itself and the means of securing the plants to it. Who would think that one could glue the plants on with a hot glue gun? Volkmar generously distributed plants, securely mounted, to those present.
We would like to say a very big thank you to these 5 Members who obviously made a great effort to prepare an interesting programme.
Thank you to our donors of raffle plants – Mike Byren, Frans and Bes Gous, David Ronaasen, Ellie and Hendrik van der Hoven and Manfred Waltner.

The judges of the Cape Region are meeting once a month to discuss judging issues and to expand their knowledge. Anybody is welcome to attend these meetings as long as they are prepared to learn and share their knowledge.
To put a plant up for an award, you may either bring the plant to these meetings or make alternative arrangements. In both cases, please notify the registrar, Louis Vogelpoel (ph. 686 8098 a/h) in advance of your intention to bring your plant for judging.

If you wish to attend the Cape Region Judging meeting, please notify the host in advance. The next meetings will be as follows:

Saturday 20 July 2002 - 14.30 -17.00
Host: Hendrik van der Hoven
Judging indigenous species
Venue: 35 Nooitgedacht Drive, Hout Bay
Tel no. 790 2433 (a/h)

Saturday 17 August 2002 - 14.30 - 17.00
Host: Mike Byren
Influence of culture on possible award-winning plants.
Venue: 44 Rushmere, 63 Doordrift Road, Constantia
Tel no. 794 6439

Sunday 15 September 2002 - 14h30 - 17h00
Host: Sheila Smith
Cattleyas, influence of some species and stepping stones.
Venue: 9 Leerdam Street, Bothasig, Tel no. 558 5820

Saturday 19 October 2002 - 14h30 – 17h00
Host: Louis Vogelpoel
Approach to judging unknown species
Venue: 7 Sunnybrae Road, Rondebosch, Tel. no. 686 8098 (a/h)

Saturday 16 November 2002 - 14h30 – 17h00
Host: Ellie van der Hoven
New Paphiopedilum species and their influence on hybrids
Venue: 35 Nooitgedacht Drive, Hout Bay, Tel. no. 790 2433 (a/h)

Sunday 16 February 2003 - 14h00 – 17h00
Host: Stuart Sutherland
Controversial points in judging
Venue: 2 Country Side, Vans Road, Tokai, Tel. no. 715 6508

Saturday 15 March 2003 - 14h30 – 17h00
Host Hendrik van der Hoven
Venue: 35 Nooitgedacht Drive, Hout Bay, Tel. no. 790 2433 (a/h)

Jacques Jefthas would like to extend a special vote of thanks to all the Members for their support at our Autumn Show. He reported that the Show profit was just in excess of R3 000. We had about 1 000 visitors to the Show which was good considering the drop in numbers to the Kirstenbosch Gardens over that weekend. The Members’ plant sales table made a little over R600 for the Society and the 10-plant raffle R655.

Harold Koopowitz was recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Orchid Digest. We wish him every success. Harold will be visiting South Africa soon, so watch this space for possible arrangements of a date when he will speak to us. He has written an interesting article on blue orchids in Vol.66 (1) of the Orchid Digest so, if this is a topic that interests you, be sure to read it.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13 August at 19h30 in the Bellville library. Please contact Bess Gous ( ph.913-6902) for details.

Their Spring Show is coming up soon, so be sure to record these details:
Venue            : Civic Centre, Bellville
Plant entry     : 26 August 2002 ( 12.00 to 18.00)
Judging          : 27 August 2002 (10.00 to 13.00)
Staging           : 27 August 2002 (13.00 onwards)
Open to Public: Wednesday 28 August to Saturday 31 August 2002

Contact Ludwig Swart ph. 558 2827 for further details.

Frans & Bes Gous’ Masdevallia pachyura was a beautifully grown, multi-spiked, polysticta type Masdevallia. Their Laeliocattleya Love Knot ‘Heaven Scent’ had 1 flower with a nice form, excellent texture and a good deep colour.
Volkmar Schmidt’s Leptotes unicolor had beautiful clean unspotted flowers and his Paphiopedilum insigne was an excellent example of a ‘cabbage patch’ plant with about 14 flowers. One comment was that it looked like it could offer free body-building classes!
Mike & Sylvia Byren’s Mediocalcar decora comes from the mist areas of Papua-New Guinea. It had orange bell-shaped flowers similar to Ericas. It is grown on the windowsill of their south-facing kitchen and is regularly dowsed under the tap.
The van der Hoven’s Restrepia striata  was a young plant with yellow flowers. It can be grown from leaf cuttings.
Meg Hannay’s semi-alba form of Laelia anceps had 2 one metre long spikes each with 4 flowers.

If you have also been inflicted by the virulent cold and ‘flu bugs that have been in my household, my sympathies. I hope you are on the mend and will be able to wrap up warmly and we will see you at the July meeting...fuzzy head and all!

Thank you to Sheila Smith for her comments and to everyone who brought plants.

Mike & Sylvia Byren
Mediocalcar decora

Frans & Bes Gous
Masdevallia pachyura
Laelia gouldiana
Cape Triangle
Laeliocattleya Love Knot ‘Sweet Heaven’

Ann Gray
Paphiopedilum insigne

Meg Hannay
Laelia anceps semi alba

David Ronaasen
Paphiopedilum insigne

Volkmar Schmidt
Leptotes unicolor
Paphiopedilum insigne
Restrepia hemsleyana

Phragmipedium Schroderae
Oncidium tigrinum x incurvum
Odontonia Stefan Isler
Odontioda Stromor x Brocade

Sheila Smith
Sophronitis brevipedunculata ‘Sheila’s Joy’
Hazel Boyd ‘Sunset’ x California Apricot ‘Orange Circle’ x Jewel Box ‘Bevery’

Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven
Restrepia striata

Plant of the Afternoon
1st  Masdevallia pachyura from Frans & Bes Gous
Leptotes unicolor from Volkmar Schmidt
Paphiopedilum insigne also from Volkmar Schmidt

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