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MONDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2002 starting promptly at 19h45 at  Athenaeum, Newlands (Cape Town).


Jewel orchids and other fancy-leafed genera
By Harold Koopowitz

As mentioned, Harold is the Editor of the American orchid magazine Orchid Digest and will be in Cape Town for about 2 weeks. He has a special interest in the attractive leafed orchid genera, so we are in for something different that may arouse your interest and extend your collection.
We are hoping that Jim Comstock, photographer for the Orchid Digest will also give a short talk on orchid photography, but this is not yet confirmed.

Remember the raffle and the facility to sell plants at the Sales Table.

Welcome to Allan and Sylvia Graham from Hermanus, who recently joined our ranks.
Happy birthday wishes for September go to George Leyland(7), Michael Weir(15) and Eberhard Gersie(22).
Our condolences to Rita Rage who recently lost her mother.

We had a very interesting talk on Paphiopedilums compiled by Ann Duckworth. This well-researched talk gave some very useful cultural information specific to individual plants…so much so that notes will be available in the library for those interested. Thank you to Ann for this and all the other slide programmes she has compiled and co-ordinates for the SAOC.

Thanks go to Mr. Pease for his donation to the raffle table. We will soon be acquiring plants from various of the local South African orchid nurseries to boost the raffle table. This will be with funds raised at the plant sales tables at our Shows so everyone has an opportunity to benefit.

Baskets from Swellendam
If you are interested in buying the growing baskets that Hildegard Crous displayed from Swellendam, contact Marcelle at Morgenzon/Swellendam Alive on
028 - 514 2938 to order. They cost between R7 and R8 depending on the size. Hildegard comes to Cape Town every 2 weeks or so and is willing to bring the orders through if necessary. Please contact her at 028 572 1864. 

At the August meeting it was decided by general opinion that we would not be going to Darling as an arranged group outing on 21 September because of the difficulties due to the crowds and congestion that is the norm in Darling at that time. Members preferred to visit at their own convenience, particularly earlier in the week if it was possible. We apologise if some of you have been disappointed by this change in plan.

Hendrik van der Hoven will be going up the mountain near Cape Point on
14. September.
He has identified a recently burnt area that promises potential for orchids and invites Members to join him. For details and confirmation, please contact Hendrik (tel.790 2433) by the 7. September or as soon as possible!

If you wish to attend the Cape Judging Region meeting, please remember to notify the host in advance. The up-coming dates are:

Sunday 15 September 2002
14h30 - 17h00
Host: Sheila Smith
Cattleyas, influence of some species and stepping stones.
Venue: 9 Leerdam Street, Bothasig
Tel. no. 558 5820

Saturday 19 October 2002
14h30 – 17h00
Host: Louis Vogelpoel
Approach to judging unknown species
Venue: 7 Sunnybrae Road, Rondebosch
Tel. no. 686 8098


The dates for our Spring Show are as follows:

16 October           Plant Entries for Judging

17 October           Judging and Staging of Show

18 – 20 October    Show open to the Public

Please contact our Show Chairman, Anton Hoffman (083 325 7832) with offers of help or queries etc. Ann Gray may be contacted ( tel.785 5568) for any queries related to the Members’ Plant Sales Table. She is particularly keen to attract new sellers so please consider this as an opportunity to sell extra, established divisions of your plants. It is important that you prepare your plants now so that they are established by October, otherwise Ann will consider selling them ‘dry root’. Please groom your plants, especially the Cymbidiums which should also be in flower/spike to sell.

Because we have had such a wonderfully positive response from our Members to receiving the monthly newsletter by email, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of hard copies required. With this in mind, the Committee has decided to no longer have the newsletter typeset and printed, but to have the necessary number copied for those still receiving it by ‘snail mail’. This will result in a saving for the Society and so, it has been decided to pass this on to our Members. Subscriptions for 2003 will NOT be increased and future subs will be seriously reviewed on an annual basis. Postage and stationery still remain an expensive consideration.

Fees for 2003:
Single Membership:  R125.00 
Family Membership: R135.00
Trade Membership:   R150.00
Scholars:             :   FREE
Associate Members – Single:  R60.00
                              -- Family: R 70.00
Life Membership - Honorary and paid-up: R65.00 ( SAOC Affiliation only)

The next AGM will be held in Wolkberg on 27 October 2002. The Membership fees for 2003 will remain at R65.00 per membership.
A copy of the minutes of the Directors meeting in March 2002 is available in the library.

PLANT TABLE August 2002
Thank you to Mike Byren for his comments and to everyone who brought plants.

Alan Bowley
Dendrobium speciosum
Sorrento Sunset ‘Warm Glow’
Cymbidium Ruby Eyes ‘185’
Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ x Dolly ‘Featherhill’
Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘The Bride’
Odontonia Stefan Isler

Eric Harley
Dendrochilum glumaceum 
Dendrochilum filiforme
Masdevallia burfordiensis
Tuakau Goldstrike

Jacques Jefthas
Laeliocattleya Platinum Sun
Laeliocattleya Mari’s Song HCC/AOS
Laeliocattleya Butterfly Wines ‘Orchid Library’
Laeliocattleya Solar Flame ‘Colonel Broach’ x Petticoats ‘Slightly Daring’

George Leyland
Paphiopedlum Winston Churchill

Plant of the Evening
1st  Cymbidium Sorrento Sunset ‘Warm Glow’ from Alan Bowley
2nd Masdevallia Tuakau Goldstrike from Eric Harley
3rd Laeliocattleya Mari’s Song HCC/AOS from Jacques Jefthas

Member’s Choice
The honour went to Arnold Kottler and he chose Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘The Bride’ from Alan Bowley.

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