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APRIL 2003

TUESDAY 22 APRIL 2003 starting promptly at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands


African Orchids in cultivation
by Mr Archibald

Mike Mr Archibald has been an orchid lover and grower for many years. Many years ago, while working in various countries in central Africa, he developed a particular interest in the orchids of these areas. On returning to his home in the United Kingdom, he experimented with African orchid species in cultivation. Mr Archibald is on a visit to family in South Africa and will be sharing with us his “amateur approach to growing African orchids” as he sees this as an important contribution to the survival of many species that are threatened because of the ever-increasing destruction of their natural habitats.

The 2 plants supplied by the Society for the raffle will be
Paphiopedilum Red Glory ‘Peacock Glory’ HCC/AOS x Voodoo Magic ‘Mysterious Ways’ from Paphanatics (a dark maudiae-type flower) and
Brassolaeliocattleya Morning Glory x Laeliocattleya Melody Fair that we bought from Carolyn Orchids.
Any additional plant donations for the raffle are most welcome and will be gratefully accepted.
There is again the opportunity to sell plants as long as you agree to donate 10% of your takings to the Society.

Happy birthday wishes for April go to Hazel Sutherland(3), Margaret Weir(13) and Joey Dietrich(23).
Stewart Sutherland was recently in hospital for surgery from which he is recovering but had a setback when accosted on opening up his Church one Sunday morning. Delna Osborne is also not in the best of health…our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
Congratulations to Volkmar Schmidt on the marriage of his son.

The AGM went ahead without a hitch and this was followed by a presentation by Mike Byren of awarded Cattleyas that truly deserved the descriptive terms majestic, stunning, bold and spectacular. Our climate here in the Cape is quite well suited for Cattleya growing as long as a good drainage mix is used. They can tolerate fairly high light and temperatures and one would do well to choose intergenerics with Laelias (especially Laelia anceps) for ease of culture. The yellow and green “chocolate box” types of Cattleyas are not the easiest to grow nor are the Potinaras which is the intergeneric of Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia x Sophronitis. Thank you Mike for your contribution to the evening.

Thank you to Vic Baber and Jenny Kavarana for donations to the plant raffle. The lucky winners this month were: Trevor Frost, June Kahn, Cliff Eva, Vic Baber and Mike Byren. At this point I would like to extend our thanks to Anton Hofmann and Mike Byren who are nurturing the COS stock of raffle plants at the moment.

The Committee for the next year as nominated and decided at the AGM is:

President : Hendrik van der Hoven
Past President : Peter Vurgarellis
Vice-President : Sylvia Byren
Secretary : Carol Potgieter
Treasurer : Jacques Jefthas
Librarian : Steve Drake
Newsletter Editor: Wendy Gersie
Show Chairman : Anton Hofmann
Members : June Khan
Volkmar Schmidt
Gerry Walden

Congratulations to everyone, especially the new Committee Members.

The Treasurer and Secretary will shortly be updating the Membership list, so if your subs are still outstanding, please contact either of them as soon as possible. From next month, (May), the newsletter will only be sent to fully paid up Members.

The next Judging group meetings are as follows:

Date: Saturday 17 May 2003

Time: 14h30 – 17h00

Topic: Dendrobium kingianum 

Host: Sheila Smith 

Venue: 9 Leerdam Street,  Bothasig 

Tel. no: 558 5820 


Please remember to notify the host in advance if you will be attending.

Remember the dates for our Show at Kirstenbosch are: 7 – 11 May 2003
7 May - Plant acceptance
8 May - Judging & Show building
9 –11 May – Show open to public
11 May at 5pm – Break down and workers’ party.

Anton still needs volunteers to help with advertising, catering, plant entries and plant sales. Please contact him if you can help.

Duty rosters have been drawn up but there are many gaps that need to be filled.

There will be show schedules and entry forms available at the April meeting. Please take these, fill them in and BRING THEM TO THE HALL WITH YOUR PLANTS. This will really help ease the administrative load at the hall and speed up the acceptance of plants. Wendy Gersie will be available at the April meeting to advise where necessary. 

Remember we need greenery and foliage plants and also offers to transport the “props and Show paraphernalia” on the Wednesday 7 May and again on Sunday 11 May.

You are invited to our birthday party
to celebrate our 46th birthday

Date  :  27 May 2003
Venue:  Athenaeum

Time  :  19H45

This date commemorates the exact day in 1957, when the Founder Members of the Cape Orchid Society met for the first time.
Highlight this date in your diary and make EVERY effort to attend this special evening. The Committee is planning something interesting and different and we have Sarel Spies as our guest speaker. Come and join the celebrations!

Tygerberg Orchid Group – AUTUMN SHOW

This will be at the Tygervalley Shopping Centre.
Friday 11 April (09h00 –19h00)
Saturday 12 April ( 09h00 – 17h00)
Sunday 13 April (09h00 –14h00)

If you wish to enter plants and receive this newsletter in time, plant acceptance will be on Thursday 10 April at 10h00 – 12h00 and Judging takes place from 14h00. Removal and clearing of the venue is after 14h00 on the Sunday.

Jenny Kavarana’s Ascocenda Cindy Banks ‘Hilltop’ had very crisp, well-defined Zygopetalum-like colours and markings. Frans & Bes Gous’ Angraecum Longiscott ‘Lea’ AM/SAOC had slightly bigger flowers than Anton Hofmann’s ‘Hihimanii’ clone but they were both beautiful clean white flowers with a strong fragrance. Manfred Waltner’s Cyrtorchis arcuata ssp variabilis also had a strong fragrance. Ann Gray divided her Ornthopora radicans ‘Honey Bun’, which hadn’t flowered for 4 years, into 5 plants in November 2002 and now each division has come up with a mass of flowers! Steve Drake can be justly proud of his “first attempt at a Vanda” with his Vanda tricolor var suavis. It had beautiful clear colour and good substance. Frans & Bes Gous rescued their Oncidium liminghei about a year ago when it was at death’s door and it has survived and produced a flower bigger than the plant! Well done.The McKinnon’s Rhyncostylis coelestis ‘Pink’ x Neostylis Lou Snearley had beautiful multiple miniature, pale sunset pink flowers.

PLANT TABLE  - March 2003
Thank you to Ellie van der Hoven for commenting on the plants and to those who brought their plants.

Vic Baber
Laelia sincorana
‘Best’ x Sophrolaeliocattleya Bright Angel
Cattleya labiata
Amesiana x Prola Rubra
Loice Ochrallo x Leudo Pulchza

Steve Drake
Vanda tricolor var.suavis

Frans & Bes Gous
Oncidium liminghei
Zygostates lunata
Dendrobium victoria-reginae
Phalaenopsis pulcherrima
Isobel Palmer x Sophrolaelia Orpetti ‘Bella Vista’
Tiny Titan
Longiscott ‘Lea’ AM/SAOC

Ann Gray
Oncidium varicosum
var. Rogersii ‘Buttercup’
Ornthopora radicans
‘Honey Bun’

Anton Hofmann
Lanikai x Brassia rex ‘Tahousa’ AM/AOS
Longiscott ‘Hihimanii’


Jacques Jefthas
Psyche ‘China’AM/AOS x Brassolaeliocattleya Yellow Imp ‘Grail’ AM/AOS

Jenny Kavarana
Cindy Banks ‘Hilltop’
Oncidium cheirophorum
Arm Roys ‘Dark Star’
(Lady Hamilton x Kelli Nicole) x biggibum var compactum’Little Diamond’

Pauline & Vincent McKinnon
Rhyncostylis coelestis ‘Pink’ x Neostylis Lou Snearley

Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven
Bonatea polypodanta

Manfred Waltner
Paphiopedilum henryanum
Cyrtorchis arcuata ssp. variabilis

Plant of the Evening
1st  Ascocenda Cindy Banks ‘Hilltop’ from Jenny Kavarana
2nd Angraecum Longiscott ‘Lea’ from Frans & Bes Gous
3rd Oncidium varicosum var Rogersii ‘Buttercup’ from Ann Gray

Member’s Choice
Bonatea polypodanta
from the van der Hovens

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