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Tuesday 22 November 2005 at 19h45
                Athenaeum, Newlands


Tradition, Tradition, Tradition!

Yes, it is that time of the year again when we have our traditional November meeting. For our new Members and those who don’t remember, it is the really fun meeting of the year when we have the biggest raffle of the year followed by a great party to celebrate the year that has been and the holidays to come.

To make all of this possible, please bring along your contributions to the raffle ... chocolates, plants of any description, Christmas cakes/biscuits/cookies, bottles of wine, homemade preserves, plant related goodies like pots, labels, food, snail bait etc. Use your imagination and make this a really wonderful evening. Lots of prizes means lots of opportunities to win and the potential of raising a significant amount of money. All proceeds will be donated, as usual, to the Ted Schelpe Memorial Publications Development Fund which is used by the SAOC towards funding the colour printing in our annual yearbook.

For the party, the Society will be providing juice and wine and would appreciate it if Members would bring along a plate of eats (sweet or savoury) for all to enjoy.
These evenings have always been great fun so be sure to join us.
If you weren’t able to be at the October meeting to collect your trophy, it will be at the November meeting for you.

There will be a Plant Table

We have to say farewell to Hubert Kurzweil who has already left to take up a position in the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. Our very best wishes to you and we hope to welcome you back into the Society on your return in a few years time.

Happy birthday wishes for November go to Hans Cordoba (20), Lambit Kaudla (22) and Ann Gray (23). December wishes are for Rachel Braver (2), Heidi Hieke (14) and Sarie le Roux (17) and a very early January greeting to David Pease (3).

We had a wonderful talk from Angie van Rooyen with some superb slides and a concluding urge to "love your orchids, cherish them and share them with your friends".
The Plant Table was magnificent with a wonderful variety as you can see from the list in this newsletter.
The South African Orchid Council’s Orchid of the Year trophy was presented to Johan Bruwer for his Cymbidium Last Tango. Sarie le Roux was last year’s winner and from the comments made as she handed the trophy to Johan, the challenge has been made to keep it in the Cape!
Thank you to Johnnie Kloppers, Jacques Jefthas and the Society for donations towards the raffle. The winners were Faan Kruger, Thelma Strydom and Marion Went.
A special word of thanks to Moosa Fakier for the unexpected and delicious eats he brought for the evening! They were most appreciated and enjoyed.

Paphiopedilum Bel Val (rothschildianum x kolopakingii), owned by Sarie le Roux, was recently awarded an HCC of 76% . It was thought that the colour was not sufficiently intense to warrant a higher award and the flowers were slightly curled.
Frans and Bes Gous had Certificates of Botanical Recognition (CBR) awarded to the following plants: Dracula Chester Tony ‘Foebe’ ; Bulbophyllum cochleatum ; Angraecum germinyanum.

Please contact Ellie van der Hoven for all the details ph. 790 2433 (a/h).

Remember this is in 2007. Plans are well on their way. There should be more news early in the new year.

This was a resounding success and the COS won a Gold Certificate for its display. Congratulations to everyone who participated as exhibitors and/or helpers. There were more than 20 000 visitors to the show so we had some good exposure and lots of interest.

The new format name badges with a magnetic clip at the back can be ordered from Susan Olfsen (ph 021 855 5701) at a cost of R20.00 or see her at the meeting to pay for your order.

COS CONSTITUTIONIn the past few years there have been a few changes made to the constitution at special general meetings. The Committee has decided to incorporate all of these and reprint the constitution which will be available early in the new year for approval. If you do not have a copy of the constitution in its present format, they will be available at the November meeting.

The Membership renewal subscriptions should be paid by the 31 December 2005. A copy of the subscription account is included with your email of this newsletter or as a hard copy if you receive the news by snail mail.
Membership fees are:
Single memberR150.00Trade memberR200.00
Family memberR160.00Honorary memberR75.00
Associate memberR65.00  

It would be greatly appreciated if you would renew your membership by the 31 December 2005.

Our grateful thanks go to Roelie van Rooyen, Mike Tibbs, Ellie van der Hoven, Mike Byren and Bes Gous for their comments on the plants.

Manfred Waltner’s Dendrobium densiflorum was a well grown plant with 6 spikes. His Coelogyne ochracea is particularly popular as it has a strong daytime fragrance and the plant often wins the Best Fragrance category at shows.
Brenda & Peter Vurgarellis’ Masdevallia Cassiope loves the cooler weather. Peter and Brenda have moved to Welgemoed but continue to grow their orchids in the open garden whenever possible. This masdevallia loves the cooler weather and has grown and flowered magnificently with 10 flowers ...... well-deserved nomination as "most difficult to grow" given its location in the garden and its magnificent display.
Paphiopedilum Via Quatal x Watercolor Artist is a new colour line of Maudiae breeding displaying brownish tinges in this particular hybrid.
Cymbidium pendulum is now called Cym. bicolor ssp. obtusum. Sheila Smith’s Sarcochilus hartmannii ‘Snow White’ x ‘Royale Affair’ was beautifully wired for display. It is a good plant choice for limited space as it gives lots of flowers on compact growths.
Trichopilia tortilis from Sheila and Hans Cordoba tolerates our cold and wet winters.
Ascocenda Princess Mikasa Blue was a really intense inky blue. Volkmar Schmidt also had 2 Iwanagara Darling plants at the meeting. The flowers were lilac pink, although the one plant had darker flowers. The flowers have a lovely scent and last about 6 weeks. Volkmar’s Vanda testecea had small yellow flowers with a "blue" lip. This species does inject some cool tolerance to its hybrids. If you have Oncidium barbatum be sure to dry-off the bulbs as the plant flowers after the bulb has shriveled. Sarcochilus hartmannii from Volkmar was a good clone and should have been put up for an award.
Sarie le Roux’s Paphiopedilum Bel Val that was awarded (see under Cape Judging Region) should have a pleasant fragrance from its Paph. kolopakingii parent although on the evening of the meeting it was described as not pleasant and distinctly of cat!
Sarie’s Dendrobium Stardust ‘Fire Fly’ (unicum x moniliforme) had lots of good form yellow/orange flowers.
Phalaenopsis Hos ‘Black Cherub’ was a lovely deep purple. The plant has had the same spike since 2003. The spike has never been cut and the plant never without flowers. It has produced 8 keikis one of which Johnnie Kloppers donated as a prize for the raffle. The one parent (Phal. lueddemanniana) makes this one of the few perfumed phallies and the other parent (Phal. violacea) intensified the colour.
Johnnie reminds us that if you have Psycopsis papilio ‘Mendenhall’ FCC/AOS, DO NOT cut off the flower spike when the flowers die because the next flowers come out on that stem tip.
Ann Gray grows her Cochleanthes discolor in a round bowl which is ideal for this plant as it flowers from around the base of the plant. It does not tolerate an abundance of water. Ann’s Polystachia ottoniana had been flowering since late August with its best crop of flowers in 8 years... possibly because of the good cold winter.
Frans and Bes Gous’ Sophrolaelia Isabella Stone ‘Red Lulu’ FCC/AOS had one big, flat flower per stem and was aptly named.
Eberhard and Wendy Gersie’s Paphiopedilum (Wellesleyanum x godefroyae) x Zeus ’Rage’ AM/SAOC was one of Carmen Coll’s crosses on a first time flowering. It had good intense colour.
Moosa Fakier’s Brassolaeliocattleya Toshie Aoki ‘Pokai’ x Epidendrum Westconnett Gold was an interesting compact plant with a good yellow flower and a brick-red frilly lip.
Laeliocattleya Irene Finney ‘Spring Splendour’ from Johan Bruwer had a stunning display of about 13 flowers in and 20cm pot.
Mike and Sylvia Byren’s Miltoniopsis Ernest Finney ‘Rosella’ was a young plant flowering for the second time, with a deep burgundy red flower and white waterfall. It had a velvet texture with a daytime scent.

PLANT TABLE  - October 2005
Use this monthly list as a reference to the flowering season of specific orchids and also to contact the grower if you have the same or similar plant that is maybe not doing so well for you.

Johan Bruwer

Laeliocattleya Tropical Pointer ‘Galaxy’

LC. Irene Finney ‘Spring Splendour’

Oncidium (Passionata Red ‘Robin’ x Susan Perreira)

X pulchellum ‘Skippo’

Mike & Sylvia Byren

Miltoniopsis Ernest Finney ‘Rosella’

Eberhard & Wendy Gersie

Paphiopedilum (wellesleyanum x godefroyae)

X Zeus ‘Rage’ AM/SAOC

Frans & Bes Gous

Aerangis fustuosa

Stelis ciliaris

Laelia angereri

Cirrhopetalum yasnae

Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom

Sophrolaelia Isabella Stone ‘Red Lulu’ FCC/AOS

Ann Gray

Polystachia ottoniana

Osmoglossum pulchellum

Cochleanthes discolor

Polystachia White Hol

Sarcochilus Pinky x ( hartmannii x Red no.1)

Sarc. (Fitzhart x fitzgeraldii )

Eric Harley

Phalaenopsis Baldan’s Kaleidoscope ‘Golden Treasure’

Jacques Jefthas

Bifrenaria harrison ae

Renanthera Brookie Chandler ‘Orchid Heights’

X monachica

Johnnie Kloppers

Carpanemia uligonosa

Psycopsis kramerianum ‘Darling’

Psycopsis papilio ‘Mendenhall’ FCC/AOS

Sophrolaeliocattleya Jewel Box ‘Sheherezade’

Dendrobium Royal Princess

Phalaenopsis Hos “Black Cherub”

Phal. Phuket Beauty ‘Blush’

Hans Cordoba

Trichopilia tortilis

Moosa Fakier

Brassolaeliocattleya Toshie Aoki ‘Pokai’

X Epidendrum Westconnett Gold

Sarie le Roux

Ascocentrum ampullaceum ‘Barana’

Dendrobium Stardust ‘Fire Fly’

Paphiopedilum St.Swithin

Paph. Bel Val HCC/SAOC

Laeliocattleya Wheeler ‘Grandson’

Volkmar Schmidt

Laelia mantiqueriae

Sarcochilus hartmannii (x2)

Oncidium barbatum

Dendrobium spectabile

Vanda testacea

Iwanagara Darling (x2)

Epidendrum Hokula Super Red

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa Blue

Sheila Smith

Trichopilia tortilis

Sarcochilus hartmannii ‘Yellow Snow’ AD/ANOS

Sarc. hartmannii ‘Red Snow’ HCC/AOC-ANOS

Sarc. hartmannii ‘Snow White’ x “Royale Affair’

Wessel Strydom

Cymbidium pendulum

Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven

Paphiopedilum haynaldianum

Paph. delenatii (a Group)

Paph. Via Quatal x Watercolor Artist

Brenda & Peter Vurgarellis

Masdevallia ‘Cassiope’

Manfred Waltner

Coelogyne ochracea

Dendrobium densiflorum

Plant of the Evening
1st  Dendrobium Stardust ‘Fire Fly’ from Sarie le Roux
2nd Sarcochilus hartmannii from Volkmar Schmidt
3rd Ascocentrum ampullaceum ‘Barana’ from Sarie le Roux

Most Difficult to Grow
Masdevallia Cassiope from Brenda & Peter Vurgarellis

Member’s Choice
Miltoniopsis Ernest Finney ‘Rosella’ from Mike & Sylvia Byren, chosen by Emmie Fourie.

This is the last newsletter for 2005. The committee wishes you all

special blessings and seasonal greetings

We will meet again on 24 January 2006 but hope to see you on 22 November 2005.

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