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By  Hendrik Vorster

This is a hot off the press report on the happenings in Malaysia. Hendrik attended the World Show and Conference, built an exhibit (that won 3rd prize) and mingled with the orchid experts. He will be sharing these experiences along with his slides, so be sure to attend the meeting.

Hendrik has his own orchid nursery in The Crags, has been on numerous excursions to Madagascar and is an accomplished speaker, so we are in for a treat.

Remember the raffle and the facility to sell plants at the Sales Table.

We are really saddened by the death of Frank James on 9 May. Many of us have known Frank for 20+ and even 30+ years and loved him for his humour, helpful ways and culinary expertise…his fig jam, pickled onions and beer were all superb!  We will particularly miss his practical input at Shows, where he could be relied upon to come up with a solution to a staging problem and have the tools and other where-with-all to make it happen. Our sincere condolences to Margaret and her family.

Congratulations are in order for Selma Ferreira who has just become a great- grandmother.

Happy birthday wishes to the following May babies: Jenny Kavarana (6), Sylvia Byren(12), Mike Byren(16), Erica Ronaasen(23), Ludwig Swart(24), Peter Hieke(27) and Jacques Jefthas(31).

Welcome to Robert McCree and Ronnie Samuels who have recently joined the Society. We hope to see much of you in the future and that you derive much joy from your plants.

We had a very informative and interesting talk from Mike Tibbs on the way they are growing their Disas. They seem to have an approach that can more easily integrate these plants into ones growing conditions and that one need not face the prospect of killing the plants quite as readily as it was once thought. Be sure to buy the proven survivors and you are well on your way to having a rewarding collection…try Disa Diores. Thank you to Mike and his very able and informed assistant, Alan Graham who provided valuable and practical advice.
Louis Vogelpoel showed the slides and discussed some interesting aspects of 2 recently awarded plants.
Frans and Bes Gous’ plant Angraecum Longiscott ‘Lea’ received an Award of Merit of 84% from a group of national SAOC judges while they were recently in Cape Town.
Sarie le Roux’s plant Dendrobium Kuranda Classic ‘Barana’ was awarded an Award of Merit of 82%.
Congratulations to both of you. If you have a plant that you wish to be award judged, please contact Louis at ph.
021 686 8098 for details.

This may reach you a little late if you are not on email, but for those who would like to make it, the next meeting of the Disa  workshops run by DOSA, will be on Sunday 19 May at the stone cottages near Kirstenbosch. For details, please contact either the Chairman Brett Young ph.021 685 3673 or the Secretary Jenny Ryan ph. 021 761 4927.

Thanks to Border Orchid Society newsletter
Whitefly or Trialeurodes vaporariorum are difficult to control mainly because the eggs are unaffected by chemicals and because they live, hide and feed under the leaves. General spraying techniques will not reach these pests. They are not related to flies at all but are related to other sucking insects such as scale and mealy bug. There are 4 stages in their development, the egg, hatchling, pupa and finally the adult. This lifecycle can take anything from 6 weeks to 12 months depending on conditions. Any prevention or cure has to be continually applied every 10 days for up to 6 months in order to catch each developing stage. The first sign of attack may be yellowing of leaves and/or a sooty mould growing on the leaf. This mould develops on the honeydew that is secreted by the whitefly. Apart from regularly spraying under the leaves with an appropriate insecticide, utilise the attraction these insects have to the colour yellow. Place bright yellow cards coated with petroleum jelly next to infected plants. The whiteflies will be attracted to the colour and stick to the petroleum jelly. Replace the cards every few weeks.

There are still Members who would like lifts to and from our monthly meetings so please contact Carol Potgieter ph. 083 625 9170 if you can help or if you are in need of a lift.

We had fewer plants than usual, but the quality was wonderful. Thank you to all the exhibitors and helpers throughout the time of the Show and a special word of thanks to Mike Byren for taking on the role of Show Coordinator and pulling all the threads together. The new venue has a lovely comfortable feeling and its potential will flourish once we are more familiar with it.

Congratulations to the main prize winners who are:

Grand Champion and Best Exotic Species
Catasetum fimbriatum from Frans & Bes Gous

Reserve Champion and Best Dendrobium
Dendrobium Toraohash x Doreor South x Zasty x Sabin  from Volkmar Schmidt

Best Cattleya
Brassocattleya Angel Lace from Vincent & Pauline McKinnon

Best Miniature Cattleya
Hawkinsara Koolau Sunrise ‘Hawaii’ from Frans & Bes Gous

Best Oncidiinae
Miltassiia Explorer from Volkmar Schmidt

Best Paphiopedilum
Paphiopedilum Aureum x primulinum from Thelma Strydom

Best Phalaenopsis
Doritaenopsis San Luca ‘Zuma’ x Mexicana ‘Malibu Beach’ from Sarie le Roux

Best Vandaceous
Vascostylis Pine River ‘Pink Glow’ from Sarie le Roux

Best Miscellaneous Hybrid
Masdevallia Kimballiana ‘Yellow Doll’ x triangularis ‘Hank Hill’ from Sarie le Roux

Best African Species
Angraecum eburneum from Eberhard & Wendy Gersie

Most Spectacular plant on Show
Pompadour from Jacques Jefthas

Sysser Waspe’s Odcdm Donald is a worthy addition to ones collection; not only for its beautiful branched inflorescence but also that it flowers 2x per year.

Manfred Waltner’s Polystachya zuluensis is endemic to Lebombo Mountains. This plant was one of Jack Ludick’s and this is the first time it is flowering for Manfred (our Members of long-standing will know just how long Manfred has waited). Bolusiella maudiae is from Kwa-Zulu Natal and had 2 spikes if white “bristles”. Zygopetalum intermedium holds its flowers pointing upwards to appeal to their fly pollinators.

Louis Vogelpoel’s Brownlea coerulea is another fly pollinated flower that usually flowers for Louis for 2-3 months at a time.

The two fragrant choices were Frans & Bes Gous’ Aeranthes imerienses from Madagascar – a small pale green flower with an apple fragrance – and George Leyland’s Oncidium ornithorynchum with its sweet “zoo biscuits” perfume.

Thank you to Mike Byren who commented on the plants.

Frans & Bes Gous
Aeranthes imerienses
Longiscott ‘Lea’
Brassolaeliocattleya Mem. Ralph Placenta ‘Toreador’
Laeliocatonia Flying Colors ‘Mendenhall’
Laeliocatonia Peggy San

Jacques Jefthas
Cochleanthes Amazing

Sarie le Roux
Dendrobium Kuranda Classic ‘Barana’

George Leyland
Oncidium ornithorynchum

Bill Phillips
Cymbidium Golden Elf ‘Sundust’ x Dolly Featherhill

David Ronaasen
Zygopetalum River Murray x crinitum

Mike Tibbs
Laeliocatonia Peggy San
Hawkinsara Sogo Doll ‘Little Angel’ AM/OSROC

Louis Vogelpoel
Brownlea coerulea

Manfred Waltner
Oncidium harrisonianum
Bolusiella maudiae
Polystachya zuluensis
Zygopetalum intermedium

Sysser Waspe
Ascofinetia Peaches
Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’
Odontocidium Donald

Plant of the Evening

1st  Dendrobium Kuranda Classic from Sarie le Roux
2nd Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ from Sysser Waspe
3rd Angraecum Longiscott ‘Lea’ from Frans & Bes Gous

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