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TUESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2003 starting promptly at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands


Botanic Gardens in Singapore
By Volkmar Schmidt

Volkmar included a trip to these famous botanic gardens when he recently attended the 17th World Orchid Conference and Show in Malaysia. He will be sharing his slides and impressions with us, so if you were not able to go in person, now is your chance to see what you (and I ) missed.

The 2 plants supplied by the Society for the raffle will be Cymbidium Solana Beach 'St Francis' x Radiant Harry and Paphiopedilum Double Deception 'Dots Incredible' x Supershadows 'Giant Jamboree' HCC/AOS

All additional plant donations for the raffle will be gratefully accepted.

Remember that there is also the opportunity to sell plants as long as you agree to donate 10% of your takings to the Society.

Happy birthday to Peter Vurgarellis for 17th February and Jenny Baber for the 28th.
Belated but still heart-felt congratulations to Stewart and Hazel Sutherland who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the 4th February. We hope you had a day to remember!
Our thoughts and prayers are with Hugh Rogers who is not at all well. He is currently out of hospital, but not his usual self.

By all accounts Hendrik van der Hoven presented wonderful slides and invaluable information on some of our indigenous orchids. Thank you very much!

There are thoughts of going on a species hunt and family weekend outing to Grootvadersbos/ Riviersonderend/ Swellendam some time in Spring this year. There is no point in planning and investigating the possibilities if the Members are not interested in going. If this is something you may be interested in, would you please contact Volkmar Schmidt as soon as possible (Tel no. 976 3946). This will place you under no obligation, but it will give us an idea of the interest in such an outing.

Any outstanding subscriptions should be paid to our Treasurer Jacques Jefthas or the Secretary Carol Potgieter as soon as possible. Their contact details are available at the end of this letter should you need them. This will ensure your uninterrupted receipt of the monthly newsletter and continued membership of SAOC. Please notify us of any change of address or acquisition of an email address if you do not already receive your newsletter by email.

If you would like to become more aware of the judging system and learn about orchids from a different perspective, why not consider attending a meeting of the Cape Regional Judges.
Details of the next meeting are:

Topic: Phragmipediums
Date : Saturday 15 March 2003
Time : 14h30 – 17h00
Host : Hendrik van der Hoven
Venue: 35 Nooitgedacht Drive, Hout Bay 790 2433 (a/h)

Please remember to notify the host in advance if you will be attending.

The AGM is looming in the not too distant future (March meeting) and nominations will be required for ALL the positions on Committee. If you are willing to serve on Committee, please make it known and make sure you are nominated for the appropriate portfolio. We are particularly in need of help in the Treasury department. Are you willing and able? If you are unable to personally take on the responsibility of serving on Committee, make the effort to make sure that there are nominations and that they have been seconded for each position.

The dates for our Show at Kirstenbosch are: 7 – 11 May 2003.
Anton Hoffman will be co-ordinating the various sub-committees who will soon be calling for volunteers to help with a multitude of jobs both big and small but all vitally important for the smooth running of the Show. Please be willing to lend a hand wherever you can.
Greenery and foliage plants will be required to soften the displays and fill in between the flowering plants. If you have any ferns, peace in the home or other portable shrubs they will be much appreciated.
Take a good look through your greenhouse, tag the potential plants for the May Show and give them special treatment between now and then. A red or other clearly visible marker will do wonders towards focussing your attention on the specially selected plants every time you enter the growing area. The plants will need grooming before you bring them to the Show. Wash the leaves if they are very dusty, using water or a mixture of lukewarm water and a little milk. Remove any old and dry outer “husky “ bits from around bulbs and make sure the pots are clean. A clean and tidy plant will always create a more favourable impression when a choice has to be made. Stake the spikes so the flowers are shown to their best advantage…it just isn’t natural for an arching spike to be staked upright! An extra stake or 2 for support and to prevent too much swaying may be necessary during the travelling to the hall. Each plant must be clearly labelled with its name not yours and be accompanied by an entry form listing the plants for exhibit.
Remember that you may NOT remove flowers from an inflorescence and if any flowers are damaged in transit, they must accompany the plant to judging.

26 – 28 September 2003

The theme is Carte Blanche in Africa. The COS will be staging an island exhibit at the Show and will definitely need YOUR flowers and plants. We are hoping to concentrate on cut-flowers but will try to make suitable arrangements for plants to be packed and transported where necessary. Members are already hard at work on the proposed exhibit and drawing up a budget etc. If you are intending to go to Pietermaritzburg or can help with preparations, sponsorships etc please indicate this to one of the Committee Members.

Eric Harley’s Angraecum Lemford White Beauty was a small, but beautifully grown plant that was rewarding in that this was the second flowering within a year.
Two long-lasting flowers are those of Brassavola cucullata that had been open for 2 months (from Eric Harley) and Oncidium kautskyi ( from Volkmar Schmidt). Both of these had a wonderful, strong perfume as well as Cyrtorchis bratimisa from Jacques Jefthas.
Paphiopedilum Pinnochio from Jenny Kavarana is a wonderful example of a successive flowering primary hybrid Paphiopedilum ( P.primulinum x glaucophyllum).
For flowers all year round, it would be a good idea to acquire Nageliella purpurea, a species from Mexico. Volkmar’s plant was covered in flowers.
Do not be too eager to repot Oncidium krameranum as it does not take kindly to having its roots disturbed. It is also quite a long-lasting flower and one should not cut off the spikes. Although the botanically correct name for this species is now Psychopsis kramerana, Oncidium krameranum is retained as the horticulturally recommended name for registration purposes.

PLANT TABLE  - January 2002
Thank you to everyone who contributed.   

Frans & Bes Gous

Oncidium krameranum
Stenoglottis woodii
Polystachya tesselata
Polystachya adamsoniae
Yellow River


Ann Gray

Masdevallia Gretchen Motto Mothar


Eric Harley

Pleurothallus hamosum

Stanhopea tigrina

Brassavola cucullata

Angraecum Lemford White Beauty

Sophrocattleya June Bug


Jacques Jefthas

Laeliocattleya Maris Song HCC/AOS

Cyrtorchis bratimisa


Jenny Kavarana

Paphiopedilum micranthum

Paphiopedilum Pinnochio

Miltonia Augres ‘Trinity’

Vanda Fuchs Blue


Volkmar Schmidt

Nageliella purpurea

Laelia xanthina Laelia lucasiana

Vanda sanderiana ( Euanthe sanderiana)

Oncidium kautskyi

Burrageara Nelly Isler

Asconopsis Irene Dobkin ‘ Elmhurst’


Manfred Waltner

Paphiopedilum parishii

Polystachya bennettiana

Polystachya rhodochila


Sysser Waspe

Neofinetia falcata

Stanhopea tigrina ‘Pepsi’ FCC/SAOC

Ascofinetia Peaches



Plant of the Evening
1st  Angraecum Lemford White Beauty from Eric Harley
2nd Brassolaeliocattleya Yellow River from Frans & Bes Gous
3rd Oncidium kautskyi from Volkmar Schmidt

Member’s Choice
Paphiopedilum parishii
from Manfred Waltner


As a last minute addition to the newsletter, we have just heard that Hugh Rogers died on Wednesday evening (12 February). Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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