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November 2001


TUESDAY  22 January 2002   starting at 19h45 at the Athenaeum in Newlands

Please note : There is no meeting in December



Prize Giving and Bumper Raffle Fundraiser
We will be handing out the trophies to all the winners from the Spring Show, so if you were a winner please make every effort to attend to receive the accolades and silverware!

As usual, the last meeting of the year will be a bumper raffle with all the proceeds being donated to the Ted Schelpe Colour Fund. We ask you to please bring along as many donations to the table as possible so that the odds of winning go up and the funds are boosted. Remember that ANYTHING is welcome…homebakes, preserves, plants of any variety, wine, crafts…use your imagination!

There will be the usual Plant Table, so please remember your plants.

Our end of year party will follow all of this. Please bring a plate of eats to share. The Society will provide liquid refreshments and glasses.

To our new Members we extend a very hearty welcome. They are Mrs.T. & Miss M.Strydom of Tygerberg Hills, Mr C.Eva of Fish Hoek and Mr G. Harwood of Plumstead.

November birthday greetings go to Selma Ferreira (2), Pauline McKinnon (5), Greig Russell and Wally Shave (9), Bernadette Smith (11), Lambit Kaudla (22) and Ann Gray (23).

There are early December wishes to Rachael Braver (2), Sarie le Roux (17), Thirza Lineker (21), Linda Dietrich (30) and a very special wish to Norman Freeman who will celebrate his 80th birthday on 19 December.

Hubert Kurzweil treated us to an in-depth exploration of the structure of orchid flowers. He also provided a useful handout that included a glossary specifically of terms for the flower parts. Thank you Hubert and we wish you every success at the presentation in Shah Alam next year.

Eberhard Gersie also showed slides of Bartholina burmanniana seen near Glencairn.

Congratulations to Eberhard Gersie who has been elected as the President of the South African Orchid Council. The Vice-President is Karsten Wodrich and the other Directors are: Leon Davies, Ann Duckworth, Trevor Edwards, Joan Elvin, George Short, Herman Steyn, Joan Vercueil and Hendrik Vorster.

Congratulations must also go to Sarel Spies and Christo Page who fulfilled all the requirements and have been appointed as Accredited Judges of the SAOC.

If you intend buying plants at the World Orchid Show in Malaysia we have been informed that it will be very difficult to meet the import conditions required by the South African authorities. Please contact Hendrik Vorster for all the relevant details before leaving SA. His contact details are: Phone: 044 534 8681; Fax: 044 382 2882; email:

You should have received an invoice along with this newsletter. We would appreciate it if you pay your subs as soon as possible (no later than 31 December 2001). Jacques and Sylvia will be available to receive payment at our November meeting…the last meeting for this year.

Where were you? The weather was a bit overcast but otherwise pleasant, cool walking conditions. The quest was to find Bartholina burmanniana in the Black Hill area near Glencairn. There was Disa graminifolia, Pterygodium catholicum, Eulophia capensis , Satyrium carneum and Holothrix villosa to be seen but the Bartholinas were unfortunately over their flowering time and but a memory for those who had seen them a week or two earlier or on slide at our October meeting!

There is still great concern as to the suitability and continued availability of the Sanlam Hall at Kirstenbosch for our Shows. Members of the COS Committee have had meetings with Committee Members of other user Societies and have attended open meetings at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in order to remain as informed as possible. The proposed redevelopment of the area around the Sanlam Hall and Garden Shop still allows access to the Show venue only after entering the Gardens and thus requires visitors to pay the entrance fee. Various Societies are planning to continue discussions of alternative ideas to allow access to the Sanlam Hall to be part of facilities outside the "paying" gate to the Gardens. Negotiations are also taking place for alternative venues for our Show during the construction phase.

The McKinnons have been dubbed the "Dendrobium Kings" Their collection brought to the Plant Table underscored the reason. Their plants are healthy, beautifully grown and stunning to look at. Dendrobium primulinum was a deserved Plant of the Evening with numerous flowering canes of large lilac flowers with a white lip. Dendrobium densiflorum was a beautifully grown and flowered example with exceptional colour.

Louis Vogelpoel’s Phragmipedium Don Wimber ( Eric Young x besseae) had 2 flowers of stunning colour on a nicely grown plant. Louis reports that his Disa sagittalis is easy to grow so try to acquire one as part of an indigenous collection. Louis also reports that his great find from Mexico, Stenorrhynchus speciosum "grows like the clappers". It requires no heat and has distinct coral pink to red flowers.

Anton Hofmann’s Sarcochilus hartmanii ‘Clearwater’ x George’ was a good form on a nice compact plant.

The Gersies’ Paphiopedilum armeniacum had 3 well-displayed flowers on a beautifully grown plant.

Frans and Bes Gous brought along some ‘history’ with a spike of Cymbidium Highland Mist ‘Dillabirra’ GM 10thWOC. The plant won Best Orchid and Best Cymbidium on Show at the World Orchid Conference and Show held in Durban in 1981. Theirs was a well-flowered spike of 10 large blooms beautifully displayed on the spike. The plant was just too big to fit in the car!

Ann Gray brought along Aspasia lunata, a warm tolerant species we seldom see here in Cape Town. It was flowering off 5 growths and looking extremely happy.

This is the last newsletter for this year so it just remains for me to pass on the wishes from the COS Committee and I that you all enjoy a peaceful and blessed Christmas and prosperity in the New Year. I will be sending out a newsletter in January to nudge you all back into action and will see you on 22 January 2002 at the usual place and the usual time.

Please note : There is no meeting in December

PLANT TABLE – October 2001
Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Eddie Eveleigh
Phalaenopsis (Via Camino Real x amabilis ‘O’ x Malibu Elf ‘O’)
Angulocaste Olympus ‘Everest’

Eberhard & Wendy Gersie
Paphiopedilum armeniacum

Frans & Bes Gous
Maxillaria variabilis
Bifrenaria harrisoniae ‘alba’
Pinky x Fitzhart (x2)
Cattleya aurantiaca x cinnabarina
Highland Mist ‘Dillabirra’ GM 10th WOC
Oncidium Golden Binot

Ann Gray
Maxillaria variabilis
Capanemia uliginosa
Aspasia lunata
species (unidentified)

Eric Harley
Paphiopedilum armeniacum
Dong Tarn

Anton Hofmann
Sarcochilus hartmanii ‘Clearwater’ x ‘George’
Miltonia Hurricane Ridge ‘Silvia’

Jacques Jefthas
Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Vincent McKinnon
Dendrobium primulinum
Dendrobium densiflorum
Dendrobium jenkinsii

Louis Vogelpoel
Sarcochilus hartmannii ‘George’ x ‘Perfect Circle’
Stenorrhynchus speciosum
Disa sagittalis
Coelogyne mooreana
‘Brockhurst’ FCC/RHS
Masdevallia coccinea alba
Phragmipedium Don Wimber
Oncidium (sphacelatum x maculatum) x Odontioda Fire Flower ‘Carol Ann’ AM/AOS

Sysser Waspe
Paphiopedilum micranthum ‘Tokai Pink’
Cattleya intermedia x self ‘Pintada do tenente’
Leptotes bicolor
Calanthe vestita

Plants of the Evening
1st Dendrobium primulinum from Vincent McKinnon
2nd Phragmipedium Don Wimber from Louis Vogelpoel
3rd Sarcochilus hartmanii ‘Clearwater’ x ‘George’ from Anton Hofmann

President’s Choice:
Paphiopedilum armeniacum from the Gersies


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