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JULY  2001

starting at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands


Cattleya Hybridizing by Jean Dryden

Jean has accumulated a wealth of orchid knowledge over the 25 years in which she has grown and been involved with orchids. Through personal experience with her own plants and those she sees during her working week, we can be sure to have her provide us with up-to-date and valuable information within the Cattleya alliance. Jean is a keen and accomplished photographer so will no doubt have excellent slides to illustrate her presentation.

Don’t forget the plant raffle and plant sales at each meeting.

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating their special day this month.
Sysser Waspe (14th), Laurie Fitzmaurice (24th) and Frank James (27th).
Brenda Vurgarellis seems to be finally feeling much better and thanks everyone for the well wishes and for the flowers she received while still in hospital.
It was good to see Moolie and Judy Geben at our meeting after their relocation to Cape Town.

The SAOC slide show was a mixture of species and hybrids that provided interest for the beginner and more experienced grower. Remember that in orchid growing, as in all hobbies and interests, one is bound to have successes and failures … plants do die but hopefully with TLC we can keep most of them alive and celebrate with those of the belief that "old age is not for sissies".
Thank you to Ann Duckworth who took the time to compile the talk and to Carmen Coll who donated many of the superb slides.
Besides the raffle plants provided by the Society, thank you to Tricia Owen for her donation.

We had a wonderful social after the "out of the ordinary" early Saturday afternoon meeting. Many thanks to those Members who were approached to bring goodies to eat by a last minute whip around of phone calls. Our apologies to anyone who felt left out…maybe we can enjoy your culinary expertise at the August afternoon meeting (Saturday, 18 August).

This was a successful event which was attended by about 30 of our Members. Our sincere thanks to Wilferd Duckitt and the rest of the family who helped to make it an interesting and informative day. Besides hearing of the advances made in their Polystachya breeding, Members saw and heard of their Cattleya and Dendrobium hybridizing and those who were early enough, had a tour of the greenhouses. Because the Polystachyas flower soon after the new growth has matured, one can, theoretically, have them in flower throughout the year if ones culture is at its optimum.

It is important that Members see our website as an interactive one. We need your suggestions and input. If you know of any interesting addresses that we could create a link to, please inform Sysser via e-mail  web creation 2001-2005 sysser waspe
At the moment she suggests you take note of the culture links that are already there.
Sysser has also created an
archive for the COS newsletters, so as of May 2001, when we began sending the letters by e-mail, one can refer back to past newsletters.

The date for the AGM of the SAOC meeting in Nelspruit has been changed from 1 September to 27 October 2001. You now have until some time in August (final notification is still to be received) to make sure that your nominations for the Board reach the Secretary of Council. Please refer to your latest SAOC newsletter for details of Directors who are retiring by rotation although all are available for re-election.

Affiliation to Council entitles its Members to all the benefits of the SAOC as a National body, inter alia :

  • access to National Shows, Conferences, Symposiums etc.
  • access to a National Slide Library;
  • access, at special prices, to books and publications on orchid growing, specially imported for the benefit of members;
  • receipt of a National publication for the dissemination of general information of Awards, cultural, botanical and scientific updating and international and national news of interest to the South African orchid grower;
  • access to an internationally acclaimed Judging system, together with all its facilities such as Show Judging and Award Judging of international recognition;
  • access to a training facility for prospective Orchid Judges of international recognition.

Please note that the SAOC subs for 2002 have been set at R65.00 and are due on 1 January each year. SAOC's website

You should all have received a survey form either via e-mail or post, requesting your input into the activities of the Society. Please ensure that you have responded by the due date. It is only when the Committee knows what it is that the Members want that we can try to organise it.

From the last brainstorming that we had at our meeting in about May last year, there were some wonderful ideas, most of which have been implemented. We have had potting, pollinating, flasking and de-flasking workshops; greenhouse visits; panel discussions on culture and diseased plants; field trips; socialising opportunities and a quiz to come soon.

Let’s hear from you!

Volkmar Schmidt’s Paphiopedilum insigne was a beautiful, well-grown specimen plant with 17 flowers. His Paphiopedilum insigne ‘Sanderae’ is the albino version of the species, where even the stem is green. Volkmar’s Zygopetalum mosenianum has a different growth habit to most Zygopetalums. It was mounted with its roots developing from within the dying leaves, a little like bamboo. The flowers have no fragrance and Volkmar reports this species to be very difficult to grow! It was the first time we had seen it at one of our meetings. Volkmar’s other Zygopetalum is one of the new hybrids from Australia. It was a young plant flowering for the first time and has potential for more and bigger flowers. We were all astounded at Volkmar’s Epidendrum ciliare, which measured about 1 metre in diameter and was a mass of flowers…Congratulations on the culture and transporting of such a magnificent specimen!

The Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga from Willie Kleinsmidt was a lovely example of the bright yellow expected with a good lip. One would maybe have expected more from the Encyclia cochleata cross that he brought, but the Wilsonara Isler’s Farbspiel lived up to the "playing with colour" meaning of its name with lovely, almost solid brick-red tepals and yellow/orange lip. His Odontonia Kalkerstern was growing healthily but could probably be moved on into a bigger pot. This should be done CAREFULLY as these plants are known to not take kindly to disturbance.

Frans & Bes Gous’ Laeliocattleya Love Knot ‘Heaven Scent’ was a beautiful vibrant iridescent, deep violet with the expected fragrance. Frans and Bes seem to be hitting the jackpot with intensely coloured blooms. Their Otaara Jane Fumiye ‘Hawaii’ AM/AOS was a stunning deep purple with an even deeper velvety lip and the Hawkinsara Toddlers ‘Little Gem’ AM/AOS, a miniature brick-red flower with a yellow-throated lip with a brick-red tip. Another "first timer" for the COS was their Laelia endsfeldzii , which had a long stem with a cluster of typically small yellow flowers at the end.

The Byrens brought the cool-growing Mediocalcar decoratum , which has orange erica-like flowers. They have it growing above their kitchen taps. The species comes from Papua-New Guinea where it grows at between 900 and 2000m elevation in shaded positions.

Some of the intergeneric combinations that were on the plant table were:
- Otaara which is Brassavola x Broughtonia x Cattleya x Laelia x Sophronitis
- Hawkinsara
which is Broughtonia x Cattleya x Laelia x Sophronitis
- Kagawara
which is Ascocentrum x Renanthera x Vanda.

PLANT TABLE – June 2001
Thanks to Mike Byren and Manfred Waltner for the informative comments on the plants.
Thank you too to everyone who brought their plants to share with the Members.

Alan Bowley
Dendrobium Hatsyshimo

Mike & Sylvia Byren
Mediocalcar decoratum

Frans & Bes Gous
Laelia gouldiana
Laelia endsfeldzii
Laelia anceps
‘Jean’s Joy’
Liparis viridiflora
Cymbidium cyperifolium
Catasetum fimbriatum
Love Knot ‘Heaven Scent’
Hawkinsara Toddlers ‘Little Gem’ AM/AOS
Otaara Jane Fumiye ‘Hawaii’ AM/AOS

Ann Gray
Oncidium ornithorhynchum
Gomesa recurva
Epidendrum ciliare
Epidendrum nocturnum

Meg Hannay
Vuylstekeara Living Fire ‘Redman’

Willie Kleinsmidt
Oncidium Aloha ‘Iwanaga’
Odontonia Kalkarstern
Susan Bogdanow
Wilsonara Isler’s Farbspiel
Polystachya Johnstonii
Encyclia cochleata ‘Seibel’ x cochleata ‘Newberry Bouquet’

Vincent McKinnon
Laelia praestans
Paphiopedilum gratrixianum
Cymbidium Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’

Bill Phillips
Paphiopedilum gratrixianum
Paphiopedilum villosum

Carol Potgieter
Paphiopedilum Leeanum

Volkmar Schmidt
Paphiopedilum insigne
Paphiopedilum insigne ‘Sanderae’
Paphiopedilum spicerianum
Zygopetalum mosenianum
Leptotes unicolor
Epidendrum ciliare
Warringal Wonder ‘Purple Princess’ x Adelaide Meadows ‘Jester’

Brenda & Peter Vurgarellis
Masdevallia M942 (ex Duckitt Nurseries)

Sysser Waspe
Laelia anceps
Sophronitis brevipedunculata
Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn
Kagawara Christie Low
Cymbidium Cherilyn ‘Swansea’

Plants of the Evening
1st Paphiopedilum insigne from Volkmar Schmidt
2nd Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga from Willie Kleinsmidt
3rd Laeliocattleya Love Knot ‘Heaven Scent’ from Frans & Bes Gous

President’s Choice:
Epidendrum ciliare from Volkmar Schmidt

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