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Tuesday 25 October 2005 starting promptly at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands


50 years – a celebration

                    By Angela and Roelie van Rooyen

Angela and Roelie van Rooyen’s 50th wedding Anniversary in July this year coincided with 50 years of orchid growing for them. During that time they have, amongst other things, acquired an enormous knowledge of orchids; started an orchid nursery; traveled and been wonderful ambassadors for South Africa as they spread the word of orchid activities in SA. They have always been willing to share their ideas and as a result have been in demand as speakers at our local conferences and Societies.

We are very grateful to them for juggling their holiday arrangements in the Cape so as to include an evening with us at our next meeting. They will be sharing with us how they got to where they are in the orchid world today; their experiences at the World Orchid Conferences and Shows and much, much more.

Thank you to Frans and Bes Gous who will be hosting Angela and Roelie in their home before I take them to their family in Stellenbosch from where they will continue their holiday plans.

We are planning to hand out the trophies won at our August Show, so if you were a winner please make every effort to attend.

There will be a Plant Table and Raffle and also the Members’ Plant Sales Table, so come prepared.

Hubert Kurzweil, a member who works at the Bolus Herbarium is being transferred to Singapore for a few years and will be leaving fairly soon. He will be selling his plants at the October meeting, many of them bare root as he grows them on trees in his garden and does not have time to get them established in pots or on slabs of bark.

In August I reported that Chris van Heerden, from Robertson, was not well. At the time the reports of his progress were favourable but unfortunately this did not last and he was readmitted to Tygerberg Hospital about 3 weeks ago where he sadly died over the last weekend. Our sincere condolences to his wife Rina and family. The Society benefited greatly from Chris’ contributions to excellent orchid culture and his wonderful generosity with his plants, advice and time. He was a true gentleman!

Birthday wishes in October to David Ronaasen (19), Virginia Schmidt (26), Anton Hofmann (27), Sheila Smith and Frans Gous (28) and Vic Baber (30).
Early November birthday congratulations go to Selma Ferreira (2), Pauline McKinnon (5), Greig Russell (9), and Bernadette Smith (11).

My thanks to Margaret James for taking notes at the September meeting in my absence. From all accounts it was a very enjoyable meeting with Bes Gous providing many interjections of personal experience to the SAOC programme on Cattleyas and also relating what she had recently seen at the orchid show in Hermanus. Well done and thank you to Bes.

The first choice raffle plant was won by Fakier Moosa.

The last meeting of the year is scheduled for 12 November 2005 at the home of Hendrik and Ellie van der Hoven.

Please contact Ellie van der Hoven for all the details ph. 790 2433 (a/h).

Remember this is in 2007. Mike Tibbs has made contact with a number of speakers and potential visitors from around the world many of whom have expressed great interest in coming to SA.

The SAA Cape Town Flower Show will be held at the above wine estate in Somerset West. It is a wonderful venue and opportunity for us to promote ourselves to the public and lay foundations for potential visitors to our 50 th birthday Show and Conference in 2007. Think ahead and support us now.

Staging of the exhibit : 26 October 2005
Open to the public: 27 October to 30 October when the doors close at 5pm.

Plants are needed for the exhibit as well as help during the Show days. Free passes are available to workers and their vehicles.
Last year when the show was held in the Cape Town Convention Centre the Society won a silver award under the educational section. This year we are going for GOLD.

Contact Tony Jarvis urgently to offer your help. It may be possible to bring plants for exhibit to our meeting on Tuesday 25 October, but please confirm this with Tony.
Tony’s contact details : Cell phone 083 653 8152
Fax 021 7834004

There is also the opportunity to sell plants, so also contact Tony in this regard.

There is a new, more contemporary format for our Society name badges. An example was on display at the September meeting. It is a resin coated, magnetic badge with Member’s name and the COS logo. They can be ordered from Susan Olfsen (ph 021 855 5701) at a cost of R20.00 or see her at the meeting.

There are 2 photo albums of orchid photographs in the Library which Percy would like to return to their rightful owner. Are they yours? Contact Percy if you think they are or if you would maybe like them.

Mike Byren, Ellie van der Hoven and Bes Gous commented on the magnificent plant table. There were a great variety of genera, colours and growing methods. I am particularly happy to see some of our newer Members adding their names to the list of proud owners.
I no longer have my notes from the August meeting, but it has been brought to my attention that I mistakenly reported an incorrect prizewinner for the evening. George Leyland apparently won 3 rd prize with his Dendrochilum glumaceum and not Ann Gray. My apologies to George and Ann.
Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven’s Ophrys scolopax , the bee orchid from Spain, is very difficult to keep alive in cultivation so they are doing very well with it. Remember that Phragmipedium besseae loves cold and wet conditions.
Volkmar Schmidt’s Zygopetalum Kiwi Dusk ( Z. maxillare x Artur Elle) is the result of his own hybridising and flasked by Greig Russell. This plant is 4 years out of flask. The flowers have dark sepals with a gold edging to them and the lip is blue/purple.
Percy Olfsen had 2 plants which you may want to add to your collection for fragrance. Sedirea japonica is in the Vanda family from Japan and has a combination of green, cream and cerise coloured flowers with a strong daytime fragrance. His first time flowering Cattleya Nitsi x Laelia lundii (from Van Rooyen Orchids) had tiny white flowers with pink in the centre and also a daytime fragrance.
Reinder Nauta’s Dendrobium Delicatum was a huge plant loaded with white flowers. Well done.
Dendrobium Eclipse (a nobile type) from Vincent & Pauline McKinnon had whit flowers with a soft pink on the edge of the petals and a delicate yellow lip. Their Microterangis hariotiana was aptly named as it had the tiniest of orange flowers on a cascading inflorescence. The leaves of the plant are quite succulent-like.
Johnnie Kloppers had one of the newer “Dalmatian” type spotted Phalaenopis at the meeting.
Phal. (Golden Peoker x (Lucia Lady x Hsinying Lip)) was a seedling flowering for the first time…a white flower with Dalmatian spots in cerise. He also brought Phal. Maki Watamabe x Dtps. Chainxen ‘Pearl’) which had very dark , almost black, burgundy flowers with speckling on the edge of the lip and petals. Johnnie’s Odontoglossum Frickels ( alta x bictoniense) had more flowers than George Leyland’s plant but they are extremely rewarding in that the flowers last up to 12 weeks.
Eric Harley’s Laelia pfisteri is a rupiculous, intensely lilac laelia which enjoys very dry conditions in winter.
Dendrobium tetragonum from Frans & Bes Gous (from Manfred Waltner’s collection) originates from Australia and also enjoys dry growing conditions. The flowers are beige with a touch of yellow/green and spidery shaped. Their Bulbophyllum picturatum from India and also an ex Manfred Waltner plant, had the distinctive half circle display of flowers which is always so eye-catching.
Laeliocattleya Mari’s Love ‘Ina’s Memory’ AM/SAOC from Johan Bruwer was stunning with its lavender splash petal flowers.

PLANT TABLE  - August 2005
Use this monthly list as a reference to the flowering season of specific orchids and also to contact the grower if you have the same or similar plant that is maybe not doing so well for you.

Johan Bruwer

Ludisia discolor

Laeliocattleya Mari’s Love ‘Ina’s Memory’


LC. Straight Answer ‘No Question’


Sarchochilus Fitzhart

Moosa Fakier

Maxillaria carlifolia

Frans & Bes Gous

Satyrium erectum


S. coriifolium


Bulbophyllum picturatum

Aerangis hyaloides

Mormolyca ringens

Laelia flava ‘ Bakro’s Pride’

L. lundii

Dendrobium tetragonum

Eric Harley

Laelia pfister

Dendrobium kingianum

Oncidium Mem. Ralph Yagi ‘Red Dragon’

Laeliocattleya Fiery Glow

Johnnie Kloppers

Angraecum sesquipedale

Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’

Odontoglossum Frickels

Phalaenopsis Cricket x equestris

Phal. Maki Watamabe x Dtps. Chainxen ‘Pearl’

Phal. ( Golden Pedker x (Lucia Lady x

Hsinying Lip))

Doritaenopsis (Formosa Rose x Chin Shang ‘Stripes’

George Leyland

Masdevallia Maguerite Copper Girl

Laeliocattleya Fire Island x LC. Eve Ord Bay

Dendrobium Mount Fuji

Odontoglossum Frickels

Vincent & Pauline McKinnon

Laelia cinnabarina

Microterangis hariotiana

Dendrobium Eclipse

Reinder Nauta

Dendrobium kingianum

Den. Delicatum

Percy Olfsen

Cattleya intermedia var. amethystina

‘Aranbeem’ AM/AOS

C. Nitsi x Laelia lundii

Sedirea japonica

Masdevallia Tuakau Gold Strike

Ronnie Samuels

Dendrochilum cobbianum

Dendrobium Gatton Monarch

Volkmar Schmidt

Ansellia africana

Angraecum sesquipedale

Baptistonia echinata

Trichopilia tortilis

Dendrobium Altero Gold ‘Grace’

Zygopetalum Kiwi Dusk

Laelia anceps ‘ sanderae’ x LC. Stephen

Oliver Foraker

Iwanagara Apple Blossom AM/SAOC

Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven

Ophrys scolopax

Phalaenopsis lobbii

Phragmipedium besseae

Plant of the Evening
1st  Laeliocattleya Mari’s Love ‘ Ina’s Memory’ AM/SAOC from Johan Bruwer
2nd Masdevallia Tuakau Gold Strike from Percy Olfsen
3rd Oncidium Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ from Johnnie Kloppers

Most Difficult to Grow (a new category)
Ophrys scolopax from Hendrik & Ellie van der Hoven

Memberís Choice
Laeliocattleya Mari’s Love ‘Ina’s Memory’ AM/SAOC from Johan Bruwer

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