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TUESDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2002 starting promptly at 19h45 at Athenaeum, Newlands(Cape Town).


All our trophy winners at the Spring Show will receive their trophies, so please make every effort to attend. 

This will be followed by our … Annual Raffle
This is the one time in the year when “anything goes”. Traditionally the COS has used the last meeting of the year to have a fundraising drive in the form of a bumper raffle and ALL the proceeds go to the Ted Schelpe Fund. This fund is the life-blood for ensuring the inclusion of colour illustrations in the Yearbook. It is your opportunity to help in whatever way you can by bringing contributions for the raffle table…homebakes, wines, chocolates, plants, gardening accessories or whatever other creative ideas you have!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring some extra money to buy raffle tickets so that you have the chance to stagger out loaded with your booty (some people have almost, on occasions, needed extra transport home

The more prizes the greater your chance of winning.

And finally the…End-of-Year Party
Please bring along a plate of eats to share. The Society will provide wine and fruit juices, glasses etc.

We have always had a wonderfully festive time at our November meeting so be sure not to miss this one.

Joan Hart is recovering well from a hip replacement operation. We hope to see you at our meeting! Congratulations to Sysser & Mike Waspe on their daughter’s marriage.

Congratulations too, to Sarel Spies who recently qualified as a neuro-surgeon (don’t confuse him with his father in Duiwelskloof).

November birthday wishes go to Selma Ferreira(2), Pauline McKinnon(5), Greig Russell & Wally Shave(9), Bernadette Smith(11), Hans Cordoba(20), Lambit Kaudla(22) and Ann Gray(23).

Our December birthday wishes are sent to Rachael Braver(2), Sarie le Roux(17), Norman Freeman(19) and Linda Dietrich(30).

Margaret James is on the move and will soon be winging her way to her daughter and family in Houston, Texas. Margaret has made a tremendous contribution over the years to our Society as Show builder, Newsletter editor and countless other roles including Editor of the South African Orchid Council’s quarterly journal. It is difficult to say goodbye but her influences and enthusiasm will not be forgotten just because we can’t hear her voice or have her physically hauling plants and props around the hall. We wish you happiness in you new home and although we would love to have you back in C.T., we hope the wheels turn quickly and the formalities are swiftly processed in USA!

Margaret asked for this to be included in the newsletter:
“Fellow orchid growers, in 1981, Dr Dawie de Villiers opened the 10th World Orchid Conference in Durban with the words “I am astounded to see such a cross-section of persons gathered here, all for the love of one flower – the orchid.”  Except for a small break, I have been involved in the COS since 1966 and have met the sort of cross-section of persons he spoke about that day. I have formed lasting friends with many of them, with orchids being our main area of friendship. With others we have discovered other fields of interest and that has further strengthened our bonds. These fascinating, and often bizarre, products of Our Lord’s creation, have brought us many years of joy and often heartache as some of them left us for the Happy greenhouse in the Sky.
I was deeply touched on the night of the October meeting when I received the wonderful tape you gave me as a reminder of my birthplace and home of the COS. I was deeply touched by the words written in both the card and on the notepaper that many of you signed. I thank you for all the many, many experiences we shared and you will always be in my heart, mind and prayers whenever I see an orchid in the future. I look forward to hearing news from you at my email address <>  which will be operational from 5th December 2002. Thank you for all your love, help and support over the years. There is nothing more special than an Orchid Grower.” 

Hendrik van der Hoven gave us a very interesting talk on his trip to Spain. While looking for daffodil species in the wild, he and his companions found about 7 of the 20 –25 different orchid species that occur in Spain. The two main genera that he saw were Orchis and Ophrys. Ophrys speculum (Mirror Orchid) is particularly lovely with its shiny blue-purple lip with a fringe of coloured hairs. The natural areas are very fynbos-like and often quite barren. Thank you for the opportunity to see species that are so different to our own and also for the insight into the Spanish approach to land and its use. 

The plants on the raffle were Bifrenaria harrisoniae (thanks to David Ronaasen), Paph.Winston Churchill x Western Thunder (ex Paphanatics) and Cymbidium Sarah Jean (ex Caro-Lin Orchids). Happy growing to the lucky winners.  

If you wish to attend the Cape Judging Region meeting, please remember to notify the host in advance.  The up-coming dates are:

Saturday 16 November 2002
14h30 – 17h00
Host: Ellie van der Hoven
New Paphiopedilum species and their influence on hybrids
Venue: 35 Nooitgedacht Drive,
Hout Bay
Tel. no. 021- 790 2433 (a/h)
  Saturday 16 February 2003
14h30 – 17h00
Host: Stuart Sutherland
Controversial points in judging
Venue: 2 Country Side,
Vans Road, Tokai
Tel. no. 715 6508

We had a wonderful Show! Thank you, especially from Anton Hofmann, to everyone who did their bit. Ann Gray was ‘well pleased’ with the response to the plant sales table which made over R10 000…a record for our Society!
We had a record number of plant entries as well as exhibitors.
The thanks have come from Anton, but I think that it was all only possible because of his enormous contribution of time and resources and so the thanks should really also be returned for his efforts.

Congratulations to all the trophy and ribbon winners.

Best on Show
Best Dendrobium
Best Species on Show

Dendrobium primulinum
from Vincent & Pauline McKinnon
Reserve Champion 
Best Cattleya  
Sophrolaelia Isabella Stone ‘Red Lulu’
from Frans & Bes Gous
Best Cymbidium 
Last Tango
 from Wessel Strydom
Best Miniature Cymbidium
Best green Cymbidium 
Cymbidium Fifi ‘Harry’4n x Cariga ‘Sorrento
from Roy Swart
Best Cymbidium seedling 
Cymbidium Yowie Flame ‘Port Wine’ x Vogelsang ‘East Bourne’ 
  from Wessel Strydom
Best Paphiopedilum
Paphiopedilum malipoense x primulinum
  from Thelma & Marne Strydom
Best Maudiae Paphiopedilum
Paphiopedilum Garnet Fires x Macrabe
  from Sarie le Roux
Best Vanda 
Vanda tricolor
  from Volkmar Schmidt                          
Best Intergeneric
Picasso ‘Rubis’
  from Roy Swart
Best Phalaenopsis
Doritaenopsis White Castle’Zunita’ x Zuma White Puff ‘Logan Vasquez’ 
  from Jenny Kavarana
Best Coloured Phalaenopsis
Doritaenopsis Taisuco Beauty
  from Jenny Kavarana
Most Spectacular on Show
Best Specimen Hybrid
Cymbidium Brook Street ‘Featherhill’ x devonianum ‘Arthur’ 
  from Wessel Strydom
Best South African Species
Disa tripetaloides 
  from Sid Cywes
Best African Species 
Aeranthes ramosa 
  from Frans & Bes Gous
Best Seedling in any Genus
Disa tripetaloides
x Auratkew ‘Saffron Yellow’ AM/DOSA
  from Sid Cywes
Best orchid grown by a Novice
Most attractive orchid
grown by Novice
Doritaenopsis Faircape ‘Goldlip’ x
(Phal. Carmela’s Spots x Poco’s Gal ‘Oudepost’)
  from Delna Osborne
Best Fragrant Orchid   Miltonia Bert Field ‘Crimson Glow’
  from Frans & Bes Gous

The COS does not at this point have a trophy for the Best Fragrant Orchid, but the Judges felt that Miltonia Bert Field ‘Crimson Glow’ warranted the recognition for its tremendous perfume.

If you haven’t already paid your subscriptions, please try to do so at the November meeting or at least before the end of December 2002.

PLANT TABLE  - September 2002
Thank you to Mike Byren for the comments on the plants…the ones that obstinately remained in bud until after the Show!

Alan Bowley 
Disa sagittalis
Dendrochilum cobbianum
Gold Digger ‘Orchid Jungle’  
Cherry Chip ‘Blumen Insel’ x Sophrolaeliocattleya Beaufort ‘Big Circle’
Fire Dance ‘Patricia’Iwanagara Darling

Anton Hofmann
Sarcochilus hartmanii  

David Ronaasen
Bifrenaria harrisoniae 

Volkmar Schmidt 
Dendrobium chrysotoxum 
Laelia mantiqueriae
  Frans & Bes Gous
Disa uncinata

Leptotes bicolor

Cattleya aurantiaca

Jacques Jefthas

Dendrobium chrysotoxum
Epidendrum leptotes

Ronnie Samuels
Cattleya Gail Ann

Manfred Waltner
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum 
Cymbidium devonianum

 Plant of the Evening
1st  Sarcochilus hartmanii from Anton Hofmann
2nd Laeliocattleya  Gold Digger ‘Orchid Jungle’ from Alan Bowley
3rd Bifrenaria harrisoniae from David Ronaasen

Member’s Choice
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum  from Manfred Waltner and chosen by Margaret James

Have a happy, peaceful and safe festive season
Remember there is NO meeting in December and the next newsletter is in January 2003.

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