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COS at the

ORCHIDS 2000 11th National Show

in PRETORIA September 2000

Cape Orchid Society heartily congratulates our members for the
fabulous achievements at the Pretoria Show


Cymbidium Last Tango 'Geyserland'
grown by Johan & Ina Bruwer
Simply outstanding and extremely well grown. Fantastic achievement
(and very difficult to get to the show)

Last Tango 'Geyserland'


We proudly present the

Category Winners at the 11th National Show
from the Cape Orchid Society

Best Orchid on Show

Cym. Last Tango 'Geyserland'

Johan & Ina Bruwer

Best Hybrid on Show

Cym. Last Tango 'Geyserland'

Johan & Ina Bruwer

Best Hybrid: Specimen Plant

Cym. Last Tango 'Geyserland'

Johan & Ina Bruwer

Best Pleurothallidinae Species or Hybrid Pleurothallis platicemus Peter Hieke
Most Fragrant Orchid on Show Oeniella polystachys Peter Hieke

1st prize winners were:

Peter Hieke
Greig Russell
Rachel Braver
Volkmar Schmidt
Johan & Ina Bruwer

2nd and 3rd prize winners
and other participants from COS were:

Peter Hieke
Meg Hannay
Greig Russell
Sarie le Roux
Sysser Waspe
Margaret James
Volkmar Schmidt
Vincent McKinnon
Mike and Sylvia Byren
Eberhard and Wendy Gersie

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…. million Thanks from all of us to the "Showchairs":
Brenda and Peter Vurgarellis

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to the Show 2000 pictures

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