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Disa uniflora outing to Greyton
( 2 hours drive N/E of Cape Town )

Text and pictures by Peter & Jenny Ryan

On a hot and hazy summer morning early in February 2001, a group of about 16 indigenous orchid enthusiasts met with Dr John Duff at the Oak And Vigne restaurant in Greyton, to walk into the mountains and view Disa uniflora growing in their natural habitat.

Disa uniflora on rock face

We followed the same route up the kloof as we had during our fabulous trip the previous September. Then we saw the seldom seen Bartholina burmanniana (spider orchid) as well as a variety of Satyriums and other terrestrial orchids.

a group of Disa uniflora

On this trip we walked a lot further up the trail and then left the path to scramble up the side of a very steep kloof as far as the rack band. The sustained scramble was well worth it as we were rewarded with a rocky, moss covered cliff and a profusion of Disa unifloras.
The area was very wet and we had to be very careful not to step on small Disa plants or flowers. The Disa flowers were smaller than the Table Mountain variety, however they appeared to be darker red. Many buds were still to open, ensuring a continued display.

a group of Disa uniflora in rock formation

After much oohing and aahing and flashing of cameras, we made our way
slowly down the path and back to the restaurant for brunch.

Disa uniflora amongst ferns

Sadly a few members missed the walk as the group left rather promptly and
the expected numbers were not known.

Many thanks to the organisers:
Sylvia and Mike Byren, Eberhard and Wendy Gersie

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