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Vanda Rothschildiana 
x Ascocenda Medasand 

A society member's 


from the



Autumn 2000


Grand Champion & 
Best orchid on the Show

Ascocenda Dong Tarn 'Robert' AM/AOS



Most Spectacular 
on Show  &
Best Cattleya

Cattleya Portia 'Cannizaro'


Best African 

 Angraecum eburneum  'Superbum' nnnEnc
angrecum-c.jpg (32205 bytes)


phalaenopsis-c.jpg (28710 bytes) Best Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis Malibu Elf 'Oudepost' x Little Fly Oudepost'


   An example of
a display on 

  the Show
group_asco-c.jpg (40950 bytes)


group_cat-c.jpg (50006 bytes)    Another example of
a display on

   the Show 


orange-c.jpg (9661 bytes)

information.jpg (56815 bytes)

Info with 
a smile

Photographs by courtesy of Tricia Owen

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