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18 - 20 October
in Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens, Cape Town



to all the

Spring Show TROPHY Winners



Best Orchid on Show Seagro Trophy CUP
Best Dendrobium A.J.Ballantine Trophy CUP
Best Species on Show Henry Williams Trophy TRAY
Dendrobium primulinum

from Vincent & Pauline McKinnon

Reserve Champion Stassen Trophy CUP
Best Cattleya Cape Orchid Sociey Trophy CUP
Sophrolaelia Isabella Stone 'Red Lulu' from Frans & Bes Gous

Best Cymbidium J.G.Coetzee Trophy CUP
Best Miniature Cymbidium Coleman Trophy


Cymbidium Last Tango from Wessel Strydom

Best green Cymbidium Ella Rademeyer Trophy CUP
Cymbidium Fifi ‘Harry’4n x Cariga ‘Sorrento from Roy Swart

Best Cymbidium seedling McBeans Orchid Ltd Trophy CUP
Cymbidium Yowie Flame ‘Port Wine’ x Vogelsang ‘East Bourne’  from Wessel Strydom

Best Paphiopedilum  Everett C.Wilcox Trophy PLAQUE
Paphiopedilum malipoense x primulinum from Thelma & Marné Strydom

Best Maudiae-type Paphiopedilum Roberto Agnes Trophy TRAY
Paphiopedilum Garnet Fires x Macabre from Sarie le Roux

Best Vanda  Solly Fine Trophy CUP
Vanda tricolor from Volkmar Schmidt

Best Intergeneric Duckitt Nursery Trophy CUP
Odontioda Picasso ‘Rubis’ from Roy Swart

Best Phalaenopsis Mair Trophy TRAY
Doritaenopsis White Castle’Zunita’ x Zuma White Puff ‘Logan Vasquez’ from Jenny Kavarana

Best Coloured Phalaenopsis Vacherot & Lecoufle Trophy CUP
Doritaenopsis Taisuco Beauty from Jenny Kavarana

Most Spectacular on Show Carmen Coll Trophy CUP
Best Specimen Hybrid Middlemost Trophy    
Cymbidium Brook Street ‘Featherhill’ x devonianum ‘Arthur’  from Wessel Strydom

Best South African Species Julius Gordon Trophy CUP
Disa tripetaloides from Sid Cywes

Best African Species  Trophy PLAQUE
Aeranthes ramosa     from Frans & Bes Gous

Best Seedling in any Genus  Argus Trophy TRAY
Disa tripetaloides x Auratkew ‘Saffron Yellow’ AM/DOSA from Sid Cywes

Best orchid grown by a Novice  Mrs A. Basson Trophy TRAY Frans & Bes Gous
Most attractive orchid
grown by Novice
Olive Hugo Trophy CUP  
Doritaenopsis Faircape ‘Goldlip’ x (Phal. Carmela’s Spots x Poco’s Gal ‘Oudepost’)     from Delna Osborne


Best Fragrant Orchid
Miltonia Bert Field ‘Crimson Glow’     from Frans & Bes Gous


A very Special THANKS to the
Spring Show's Show Chairman:

Anton Hofmann

also thanks to all the many exhibitors

Roy Swart and Erica

Wendy and Eberhart Gersie

Ann Gray

Thelma Strydom and Marnie

Wessel Strydom

Jenny Kavarna-Trull

Delma Osborne

Bes and Frans Grous

Sarie le Roux

Sysser Waspe

Anton Hofmann

Sheila Smith

Jacque Jeftas

Ronnie Samuels

Peter and Brenda Vurgarellis

Sid Cywes

Vincent and Paulene McKinnon

Lionel Scott

Greig Russell

George Leyland

Lambit Kaudla

Hendrik van der Hoven

Volkmar Schmidt

Johan Bruwer

Meg Hannay

Selma Ferraira

Louis Vogelpoel

Manfred Waltner

Floris Haasbroek


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