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from a member's Picture Gallery

Orchid Show
in Autumn
May 2001


Jungle decor by Margaret James & friends






Cattleya Portia 'Cannizaro'

Johan Bruwer


Grand Champion

Best Cattleya

Most Spectacular orchid on Show


Best Oncidiinae Intergeneric

Best Odontoglossum

Vuylstekeara Happy Refrain 'Sheila'

Owner: Sheila Smith


Best Dendrobium

Dendrobium Pompadour
Owner:  Jacques  Jeftas



Reserve Champion
Best Paphiopedilum

Paphiopedilum Mystic Jewel
Owner: Stellenkloof Orchids




Cattleya Portia 'Coerulea'


Best Cymbidium

Cymbidium 'Red Pepper 'Spice'

Owner: Vincent McKinnon


Best Vandaceous

Ascocenda 'John de Biase'

Owner: Volkmar Schmidt


Best South African Species
Polystachya tessellata

Owner: Ann Gray


Ascofinetia 'Peaches'

Owner: Sysser Waspe


Aerangis somalensis
Owner: Jacques Jefthas


Center of attraction


Arrangements and corsages on sale

Photographs by courtesy of Tricia and David Owen

Winners own webpage


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